Top 10 Sports That Could Kill You

Sports like football and basketball are fun- all you have to do is chase a ball and run about a lot. However, the following could kill you but not in a good way.


1. Street Luging

If you play this sport, you will have to climb a huge hill, lie face up on a skateboard and that’s right- roll your way down. Your main aim is to do it fast and make sure that you don’t die. There are no brakes and you will literally be rolling down towards a busy road on a highway. If you don’t have cat-like reflexes, you will be transformed into an attractive pulp in no time.


2. Heli-Skiing

This sport involves hiring a helicopter and traveling to such snowcaps that are either undiscovered or untouched by civilization. The daredevils then jump onto the slopes with their skis and move towards massive avalanches quite excitedly.


3. Big-Wave Surfing

This may sound fun and look thrilling in movies but if you take part in this sport, you will have to balance yourself on a great wave whose force will be large enough to kill you. If that doesn’t happen, you will be thrown into the water so violently, that you will drown. Now if you are lucky enough to escape that too, you can always come in contact with a submerged rock and crack your head open.


4. Bull Riding

Bull riding involves straddling a bull that will weigh nothing less than 1800 pounds. These bulls are usually extremely ill-tempered because the organizers of the sport are supposed to constrict the animal’s genitals before the game begins. You will be thrown up into the air and if you don’t die on impact, the bull will definitely jump over you.


5. Bull Running

The organizers of this sport let a number of bulls loose on the streets and the participants are meant to run for their lives. Any ‘adult’ who lacks common sense or any sense for that matter can participate. Over 300 people die every year because of bull running.


6. Cheerleading

Cheerleading is one of the newest sports and it may look like a lot of fun and just what you need to enter the ‘it’ crowd but there is nothing safe about this sport. Women hurl themselves into the air and while some land on their feet, others are not too lucky and end up breaking all kinds of bones.


7. Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle racing involves driving through obstacles and the participant has to maintain his balance on the bike because if he doesn’t, he will die. One major criteria is that he/she has to move at a very high speed.


8. High Altitude Climbing

As you climb higher, the oxygen content in the air gets lesser and lesser. Therefore, if you are foolish enough to take part in this sport, you will die either of pneumonia, hypoxia, frostbite or hypothermia.


9. BASE Jumping

BASE jumpers like to throw themselves off cliffs, buildings or antennae. The person who does not die is the winner! Those who lose will either already be dead or break all their bones. Luckily people aren’t dumb enough to go through with it which is why about 10 people die every year because of this sport.


10. Cave Diving

Cave Divers climb up in miserable conditions- the temperature is always below freezing point, the area is unbelievably cramped and the territory is extremely unsafe. Many wild animals live in these caves and the risk is so high that experts end up getting killed.

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