Top 10 Short Films Which Made A Mark At Film Festivals Last Year

Short films are popular because they are usually very artsy and since they are short, easy to follow, they have also won a number of awards. The following are the 10 best from last year.


1. Skhizein

This drama in 3D animation is about a man who feels himself floating out of his body after an encounter with a meteorite. This movie is haunting and beautiful at the same time and takes the viewer through the contours of a mind that is determined to destroy itself.


2. The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello

This film falls under the stop-motion category and explores the theme of desperation. It is about a navigator’s voyage and the obstacles he faces along the way. His aim is to save and protect his wife. The movie is set against a backdrop of Victorian life that is peppered with science-fiction elements.


3. Hirsute

Hirsute is about a young man who has figured out how to break the barriers of time and therefore, travel back and forth between the past, present and future. The movie takes off when he meets his future self- only he is hairless and extremely arrogant.


4. The Most Beautiful Man in the World

A little girl meets a stranger on her patio just when she is sure that her life is about to change. The film is vague and ambiguous which is what makes it poetic and beautiful. The child-like elements add to the movie’s appeal and leave the viewers wanting more when the credits start rolling.


5. That’s Magic!

The plot of this short film focuses on a master of the stage who has become dispassionate and unemotional over the years. His life takes a major turn when he is forced to scrutinize and examine the magic in daily and routine happenings.


6. Nought

Nought is surreal and eerie in every way possible and allows the viewer to gain and insight into that world which is created by one’s imagination and the instability which comes along with it. The film is laced with factors that are obviously insane but apart from that, it is extremely well made and worth a watch.


7. The Black Dog’s Progress

The Black Dog’s Progress is about a dog and his tale (pun not intended). He helps us understand his plight and misery that is inflicted by his abusive owners. The movie is shown with the help of a flip book and hence, is very different and captivating.


8. The Cat Piano

This animated film is dark and makes use of themes that are dream-like and fall under the category of fantasy. The Cat Piano is stylish and practically oozing with panache even though the plot is slightly odd. It kicks off when the musicians of a town vanish into thin air.


9. Ratrix Hero

This film won an award at a French film festival. It is an animation which belongs to the genre of both comedy and action. It borrows a portion from the Matrix, changes it and re-tells it. Ratrix Hero is hilarious in its own way and has been appreciated by many critics all over the world.


10. The Life and Death of a Pumpkin

This bizarre film recounts the tale of a Halloween story but from a Pumpkin’s point of view. It is quite unusual to watch the world through a pumpkin’s ‘eyes’ but it obviously worked for the director as the film managed to bag a number of awards.

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    Great list, BUT… other than a few minor tweaks, looks like you guys ripped this straight from Short of the Week’s Best of 2009.


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