Top 10 Auto Racers

Those of you who have tried auto racing will agree that it quite thrilling- the adrenaline rush that comes along with the speed is more than incredible! The following top racers would definitely agree.

1. Kyle Busch

This Nascar racing driver has won a number of races through his career even though he wasn’t too popular with the public. He almost won the championship but because of unseen problems with the equipment and his car, his chances were ruined. However, he did win at least 2 dozen races which is pretty noteworthy!

2. Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel is a F1 racing driver who rose to fame after a series of failures in 2008. He proved himself when he raced through a variety of terrains and refused to get intimidated by those racers that were clearly much better than him. He passed through several hurdles successfully and knows what to do to reach the highest rung of the success ladder.


3. Mikko Hirvonen

This racer takes part in the World Rally championship and has proven his mettle within a short period of time. According to speculations, he will be able to beat the rest once Seb Loeb decides that he is too old to race and hence, give way to this budding racer.


4. Robert Kubica

Another F1 racer, Kubica showed us what he is made of during the 2008 races. He did not leave any stone unturned and was very consistent as far as his performance was concerned. He won against such racers that are known to zoom past in their faster cars and proved that its all about the strategy and not the speed.


5. Scott Dixon

Scott Dixon has been a part of the IndyCar championship for a while now but has always underestimated his talent. All that changed when he won two races in a row in 2008. This young driver has a long way to go and may even get a chance to compete in F1 if he doesn’t let the fire die out.


6. Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa has improved consistently ever since he started out and almost won the most sought-after title a few years back but lost due to certain complications. However, that does not rule out the fact that he clearly deserved it and this fact was strengthened when he won the championship in 2007.


7. Carl Edwards

Edwards is undoubtedly the best Nascar driver as far as his popularity is concerned. He has perfected certain tricks and won the admiration of many all over the world. It will not be an exaggeration to say that he is undeniably entertaining, what with his unique style and attitude.


8. Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has made a handful of mistakes during his career with F1 because of which people were just waiting for him to slip up yet again. However, he kept his cool and earned the respect that he was desperately looking for.

9. Jimmie Johnson

Fondly referred to as JJ, this driver broke records when he won the Nascar championship three times in a row. He has immense potential and because he is passionate about what he does, he will get even better- if that’s possible.


10. Sebastien Loeb

The World Rally champion bags the number one spot on this list because he has left the world awe-struck by winning a total of five races consecutively. When he was faced with a challenge, he proved that he would do as well with F1 if he had to.

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