Top 10 Ways To Get That Ever Elusive Fame

Everybody wants to be famous so that they can’t walk on the streets without getting mobbed by hysterical fans. The best part is that it isn’t too difficult!


1. Reality Television

The easiest way to become famous today is by becoming a part of a reality television show. All you need to do is audition for a mind-numbingly senseless show, make some noise or act completely adorable and the next thing you know, you are famous! You don’t need talent or good looks- all you need is some single-minded determination.


2. Have Perfect Timing

If you happen to be at the right place at the right time, there is no way that you will not gain instant fame and recognition. For example- if you save a man from drowning or pick a child up from some railway tracks, the press will find you almost instantly. Jay Leno may contact you personally as well!


3. Break a World Record

If you have unusually long hair, nails or maybe, eyelashes, you can be sure to become famous in no time. Everybody is fascinated by photographs in the Guinness Book of World Records and who knows, if you play your cards right, you may end up featuring in the next one!


4. Plagiarize Something Quietly

If this particular method appeals to you, all you need to do is pick up a song or a book that is not all that famous and copy it. If you deny the allegations till you are six feet under, you will be remembered for years to come!


5. Tap Into your Generous Side

If you give up a lot of money in the name of charity, several newspapers will be knocking at your door and will want to interview you. Let’s put it this way- your conscience will be happy with you and you can look into cameras and smile with great modesty and charm.


6. Marry a Celebrity

After reality television, the easiest way to get that ever elusive fame is to marry a celebrity. In this case you will need to look good so jump onto that treadmill and work away those extra pounds!


7. Humiliate Yourself

If you have a decent sense of humor and know how to degrade yourself, you can always make a video and post it on the web. If it is funny and bizarre enough, you will be recognized all over the world as ‘that person who made a fool of himself on the internet’.


8. Discover Something

If you have a high IQ and enough time on your hands, you can always improve an existing product and present it to the world. If your idea is good enough, you will not only become famous but also extremely rich!


9. Find Some Hidden Talent

If you like to sing, take some lessons and audition for American Idol or if you were a part of your school play, go ahead and audition for a Hollywood film. This is definitely the most honorable path you can follow if you want to become famous.


10. Go All Out

If nothing works and you have no talent, take Rickey Gervais’ advice do anything and everything in your power to reach your goal. If you are single-minded, be so to the point of recklessness and make yourself proud!

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