Top 10 Things to Remember When Planning a Wedding

Our Top 10 things to remember when planning a wedding is designed to help you  organize everything you need in order to make your wedding day exactly the way you imagined it.


1. Plan your wedding budget

Before you begin it’s extremely important to plan your budget. This might seem obvious, but it’s easy to get carried away when the planning takes over.


2. Remember it’s your wedding

You will find there are ‘influences’ from all areas, and while it’s tempting to consider other people you can forget what it is YOU want.


3. Visit a number of suppliers

Don’t immediately select the first supplier you visit. Cars, photographers and florists are extremely important, so get a number of quotes and make sure you visit each supplier in person where possible to get a proper feel for them.


4. Choose your attendants carefully

While it would be nice to include all your best friends as bridesmaids and include as many ushers as you wanted, remember it costs money for each extra person you need to buy an outfit and accessories for.


5. Visit a number of venues

You may have your heart set on one but visit a number to compare costs, photo opportunities, staff at each one etc


6. Guest lists

Keep your guest list to the people you REALLY want there, and don’t feel bad for not being able to include everyone. Everyone has a number they have to stick to, to some extent dictated by the venue.


7. Dress shopping

Visit a few shops and have no pre-set ideas for your dress in mind, As what you like in the magazines may not suit you in person. Try not to visit too many shops as dresses are heavy and by the end a dress is just a dress, you’ve just lost the interest!!!


8. Stationery

Try to make your own stationery where possible as you can save a huge amount of money. For example 100 premade invitations can cost £200-£300 where as getting everything to make your own invitations, order of service, place cards, table names etc can cost £30 – I know from experience!


9. Get everyone involved

If you have creative people within your family and friends who can make a cake, make invitations, is a professional photographer. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask for help. Everyone knows how expensive these things are.


10. Enjoy yourself

It’s easy to get caught up in all the planning, but remember to enjoy yourself. The planning and the day itself will go by so quickly that you don’t want to look back and think I wish…!

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