Top 10 Must-See Museums

Museums are either created to preserve certain artifacts or to enhance the knowledge of the rest of the world. However, the following are quite unusual and makes one wonder why they exist at all.


1. Museum of Jurassic Technology

This museum says that it showcases certain relics that go back to the Lower Jurassic period. It is unusual because the Jurassic period came to an end millions of years ago when humans did not exist. If humans were not around, who operated this ‘Jurassic technology”? The display of artifacts is quite weird and you will walk out more puzzled than ever.


2. British Lawnmower Museum

The museum exhibits about 400 antique lawnmowers as well as those that never entered the market. One interesting piece is the 1921 Blade which was basically powered by solar energy and was extremely fast. The artifacts belong to the Edwardian and Victorian era and the main aim of this odd museum is to keep the ‘engineering Heritage’ of England alive.


3. Kansas Barbed Wire Museum

This museum hopes to give life to that part of American history which is unofficially known as the Devil’s Rope. If you visit, you will be lucky enough to see about 2000 varieties of barbed wire as well as those samples that were manufactured till 1890. The museum includes a Barbed Wire Hall of Fame and a research library. Why one would care about barbed wire, is the question.

4. Glore Psychiatric Museum

This museum exhibits the psychiatric treatment history through the years. It does so with the help of reproductions, dioramas and models. One visit to this museum and you will understand that psychiatrics used methods like burning, blistering and public humiliation as a part of their treatment. The most interesting artifact is the ‘things-that-patients-swallowed’.


5. The Creation Museum

This museum stretches across 60,000 square feet of land and its main purpose is to give importance to young Earth creationism. The museum describes how the universe was created, how mankind was formed and how it will eventually die.


6. Museum of Eroticism

This museum exhibits and showcases collections of erotic art. It was established in 1997 and can be found in Paris. One can find art from Africa, India and Japan up on the walls as well.

7. Icelandic Phallological Museum

This unusual museum features a large collection of penile parts and penises that belong to a number of mammals in Iceland. Even though it will definitely gross you out, you should go just to amuse yourself. The species that have been given importance include over 100 specimens.


8. Sulabh Museum of Toilets

If you visit this museum, you will be lucky enough to be transported through the evolution of the toilet. It is also features a number of toilet jokes that will both disgust and crack you up. This unusual museum can be found in India and is owned by the non-profit organization – Sulabh International.


9. Mütter Museum Medical Museum

This museum exhibits a number of anatomical parts of different specimens. It also showcases an odd model of a woman who seems to have a weird horn growing out of the middle of her forehead. One can also see the tumor that was removed from a certain President’s palate.


10. Antique Vibrator Museum

The vibrators in this museum were used to treat hysteria. When the instruments were in use, this was the main cause of health problems, especially among women.

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