Top 10 Soccer Players in the World (2010)

1. Lionel Messi

Country – Argentina

Club – FC Barcelona

Position – Foreward

Undoubtedly the God of Soccer today, Lionel Messi, all of 22 years, and labelled Diego Maradona’s successor, has made his club proud.  The top scorer in UEFA Champions League in 2008-09, he has the most goals to his credit for this season representing Barcelona. At 5 foot 7 inches, Messi is known for a magical control over the ball. Yet somehow his magic wanes a little when playing for Argentina which was quite evident in this years World Cup.


2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Country – Portugal

Club – Real Madrid

Position – Midfielder

At age 18, Ronaldo knocked the daylights out of Manchester United. Man U realised, ‘if u can’t beat him, join him!’ and he was taken into the Manchester United Club for $20 Million. Representing his team for a good 6 years, Ronaldo broke a majority of the records, and won himself the FIFA Footballer of the Year in 2008. In 2007-08 alone he had 42 goals to his name. Today at age 25, he is part of Real Madrid, an outstanding Dribbler, Shooter , free-kick taker and header.


3. Wayne Rooney

Country: England

Club Team: Manchester United

Position: Forward

An international face at just 17, Rooney is known for his goal taking abilities for his club. An unmatched striker, he brought pride to England. He is known for his abilities to take goals from just about anywhere. He can crash through any defence with his aggressive dribbling and attacking demeanour.


4. Kaka

Country: Brazil

Club Team: Real Madrid

Position: Midfielder

At age 27, Kaka has given his best for his game. He won all he could for his earlier Club, AC Milan, and then joined Real Madrid. Not buyable by money, Kaka is known for his principles. An ardent believer in Jesus, Kaka was known for dribbling the ball through the entire length of the field. Today though knee injuries have slowed him down, Kaka is the mastermind behind the Brazilian Team and a force to reckon with by the defence.


5. Xavi

Country: Spain

Club Team: Barcelona

Position: Midfielder

Known for his assists and his vision, Xavi Hernadez is an excellent organiser. Being that essential dribbler in between passes, Xavi has been with Barcelona since 1991. He will continue his contract with Barcelona till 2014. He is one of the most talented players today though not exceptional with speed or foot skills, yet he is the best at assists and passes. The successor to Pep Guardiola, he is precise and intelligent.


6. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Country: Sweden

Club: AC Milan

Position: Forward

A recent addition to the Barcelona Club from the Serie A team of Inter Milan, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s 25 goals won him the Capocannoniere for the first time. Known for his ability to be the pulse of the game he can change the outcome of the game in a matter of seconds.


7. Steven Gerrard

Country: England

Club: Liverpool

Position: Midfielder

Steven Gerrard’s long list of awards are witness to his talent. Player of the Month, Player of the Year, Team of the Year, are all in a day’s work for him. He is the captain of the Liverpool team, and can play under pressure and against the tide.


8. Samuel Eto’o

Country: Cameroon

Club Team: Inter

Position: Forward

At age 28, and four World Cup’s old, Eto’o was part of the Cameroon Team at age 14. Signed on by Real Madrid at 16, and then rejected by them 4 years later, Eto’o comes with some baggage. Yet, his goal scoring abilities make him one of the World’s Finest, scoring 108 Goals for Barcelona in just 5 seasons.


9. Didier Drogba

Country: Ivory Coast

Club Team: Chelsea

Position: Forward

Just his physical presence is intimidating enough, a late bloomer, who arrived at age 26 with a bang, having Chelsea pay $ 37 million for him, Drogba has made his country proud. A high goal scorer, second only to Wayne Rooney, this season, he makes defence go weak in the knees. An eye-catcher with his game and massive personality, Drogba is hard to miss.


10. Andres Iniesta

Country: Spain

Club Team: Barcelona

Position: Midfielder

Small, yet a power – packed dribbler, Iniesta is known as the Illusionist. He has excellent at passing and dribbling. He can crack defences and attack equally well. Underrated, yet shining through.

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    You put a picture of Kaka (from Real Madrid) with the AC Milan uniform?
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