Top 10 Hunting Destinations in the World

Hunting for food has been the primary source of sustenance for man since the Stone Age; however with farming of animals and easy availability of food, hunting has become a popular recreational activity for people. An extremely popular sport in the Africa’s and America’s, this is also a major source of income for these continents.


1. Tanzania, Africa

Tanzania is a country with beautiful national parks and game reserves. It is also called the African hunter’s paradise and is considered as the ultimate hunting destination. There are numerous game reserves in this land which is abundant with flora and fauna. The Selous Game Reserve is the largest hunting ground in the world dedicated to conduct hunts. The lion, buffalo and exotic species such as Sitatunga, Lesser Kunduk and Gerenuk are the popular animals hunted here. Other parks you must visit for game hunting are the Gombe Stream National Park, Mkomazi Game Reserve for Rhinos, Monduli Mountains, Ugalla. These reserves are not very well-known though offer wide variety of games to hunters.


2. Mozambique, Eastern Africa

Its topography consists of thick forests, swamplands and palm forests. Earlier wildlife was heavily poached thus resulting in dwindling population of animals. However, the initiative of the government in working with locals in promoting sustained hunting has revived Mozambique’s hunting industry. One can claim the Lion, Leopard, Cape Buffalo and Elephant as trophies from their hunting expeditions. Other unusual game trophies such as Kudu, Chobe bushbuck, Nyala, Eland and Crocodile are also hunted in Mozambique.


3. South Africa, Africa

South Africa is the destination to be for hunters seeking ‘luxury and that something extra’ while on a hunt. It is easily accessible from all over the world thus making it a preferred hunting destination. The world-famous Kruger National Park, Pilanesberg Game reserve, Kalahari Gemsbok National Park are some of the parks which offer a multitude of big game hunting. One can hunt game such as Nyala, Suni, White Rhino and Gnu apart form Buffaloes, Elephants, Lions etc.


4. Namibia, Western Africa

Earlier a favorite gaming haunt among Europeans it is also gaining popularity among North American hunters. It offers a diverse selection of hunts such as the Elephant, Lion, Cape Buffalo, Leopard, Rhino and Steenbuck for hunting enthusiasts.


5. Montenegro, Europe

Located in Southeastern Europe this small country has relatively untouched landscapes and beautiful rugged countryside. Hunting in Montenegro is an actively practiced sport as the wildlife thrives in its rich jungles and forests. A wide variety of bird species are available for hunting such as quail, duck, turtle-dove, snipe; while the wild boar, bears, rabbits, chamois and wolves are also allowed to be hunted animal hunters. The Skadarsko Jezero, Mount Durmitor, Bjelopavlicka vally, Crmnica and Ulcinj are popular hunting grounds in Montenegro.


6. Belarus, Eastern Europe

This landlocked country is an ideal hunting destination due its flat landscape and marshy tracts. It also has 11,000 pristine lakes and 40% of its land is covered in forest area thus perfect for hunting and fishing game. Their national animal-the European Bison is an exciting game to hunt. Among other big games, the Elk, Red Deer, Roe Deer, Wild Boar and Wolf which provides exciting challenges to ones hunt.


7. Cambodia, Southeast Asia

After hunting was banned in 1954 in Cambodia the government finally opened doors to hunters in 2009. It is actively working with locals to promote sustainable hunting thus preserving Cambodia’s rich wildlife. For hunters who have money to spend Cambodia offers expeditions into underground jungles where one can hunt from Elephants, reptiles and birds.


8. Canada, North America

Canada offers vast and beautiful landscapes to hunt and fish. The choices available for hunting big game are plentiful. One can head to Ontario for Deer and Waterfowl, Newfoundland for Caribou and Hare. Moose and Grouse are other games popular among hunters. For an extremely challenging and exciting hunt one should go for a fishing expedition to the North i.e. Yukon, upper Quebec to fish for the traditional Seal, Arctic Fox and even the Beluga Whale. A hunting trip in Canada is an experience one will never forget.


9. Argentina, South America

Argentina has one of the most regulated and organized hunting industry in the world. This country is rich in its biodiversity and provides some of the best games for hunting. Due to its close proximity to Antarctica a wide assortment of birds and animals thrive here. Dove and Pigeons are hunted throughout the year while hunters seeking higher challenges can focus on the Blackbuck Antelope, Stags, Pumas and Water Buffalo. This place is a must-visit for any hunting enthusiast.


10. Uruguay, South America

Uruguay is not as well-known as its southern neighbor though it offers a variety of birds and animals for game hunting. Hunting for ducks is the most popular game in Uruguay. Other game are pigeons, doves, freshwater fishes are also available.

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    It is significant that the only beautiful pictures here are those without hunters. Please stay at home. You don’t deserve these places. They don’t need you. There is something about the men featured here (no women of course) that reeks of white supremacy and paramilitary disregard for life. Sad. Is this a Website dedicated to Neanderthals?

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    I will call you uninformed…I was going to sttop to your level and call you asswipe or fungusbrain or earther but that would be too simple. If you do your research without emotion playing into the argument you will realize that hunters have always been the leaders in conservation. Animals are atill around because of hunters who are willing to spend their money on game and non game alike. So please, do us all a favor and dont speak or think, you and all the earthers are doing a disservice to humanity. Have a nice day.

    • Jean-Paul Vincent

      You ran straight into the open, Ralph, and took the bait. Easy target. But I’m not a hunter, so I’ll leave it at that. Happy killings!

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