Top 10 Technology Oriented Countries

Today’s world judges progress by the technological advancement achieved by their country. It is true, since technology makes life simpler and also provides access to things that are things that help us achieve a better lifestyle. It also reflects the political and economic stability of the nation. Here are the top 10 technological countries the world should reckon with:


1. Finland, Northern Europe

Despite the fact that Finland was exposed to industrialization only in the 1050’s it has risen as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Internationally renowned for its high-technology and health care, Finland researchers are leading contributors in the fields of forest improvement, new materials, environment, neutral networks, low-temperature physics, brain research, biotechnology, genetic technology and communications.


2. USA

The USA has been on the forefront of technological advancement since the 19th century. The first workable movie camera, first long-lasting light bulb, AC motor, radio, sustained flight of an object in air has been pioneered in the USA. It is also launched the Atomic Age. Advances in space technology have made USA a superpower. It also leads the world in scientific research papers and 50% of the households have broadband internet access.


3. Japan, Asia

Japan is the world leader in fundamental scientific research; its researchers have made outstanding contributions in the fields of electronics, automobiles, machinery, earthquake engineering, industrial robotics, optics, semi-conductors and metals. It leads the world in robotics production and use. Japan has produced thirteen Nobel laureates; its researchers share a $ 130 billion research budget. This highly developed nation is a pioneer in launching new models and products in the industry.


4. Sweden, Northern Europe

This small country has one of the highest standards of living in the world and is renowned for its top-quality scientific and technological development. Sweden apportions 4% of its GDP to R&D, one of the very few countries to do so. Its commitment to R&D has made the Swedes leaders in innovation. Sweden particularly leads in the pharmaceutical and telecommunications segment. It also publishes one of the highest number of scientific papers in the world related to medical science, natural science and engineering.


5. Republic of Korea, East Asia

This country has made great technological advancements in the fields of electronics, automobiles, ships, machinery, petrochemicals and robotics. Their GDP is driven by exporting products manufactured from this sector. Korea has also successfully developed the world’s second walking human robot-HUBO. It has also made breakthroughs in biotechnology by successfully cloning a dog and recently cloning an endangered species of wolves.


6. Netherlands, Northwest Europe

Netherlands has been frontrunners in inventions. It has inventions such as artificial kidney, compact disc, microscope, pendulum clock, telescope are Dutch inventions. There have been great advances in engineering, aerospace, military technology. It is ranked 10th in the Global Competitiveness Index leading 123 countries.


7. UK

The United Kingdom was the world’s first industrialized country and it has exerted strong scientific and technological influence over the world. The United Kingdom has seen many firsts-discovery of hydrogen, invention of locomotive engine, jet engine, World Wide Web, incandescent light-bulb; world’s first working television, electric motor, commercial electrical telegraph etc have been produced from here. It also has taken its progress to its military, housing the most technologically advanced armed forces in the world.


8. Singapore, Southeast Asia

Singapore is the fourth wealthiest country in the world. Singapore houses technological institutes to provide its citizens resources to equip themselves to further technological advancement. The Agency for Science, Technology and Research ( A*STAR) is a dedicated government agency to encourage research and development. The medical, food science, clinical research advancements are notable throughout the world. Singapore also has the most technologically advanced armies in Southeast Asia.


9. Canada, North America

One of the most diverse economies in the world, Canada’s highly developed research and technology sector is supported by the government’s allocation of 1.8% of the GDP to R&D. Canada is also ranked third among countries in space sciences. It ranks twelfth in the world for internet usage with around 85% of the population using the internet. It has also produced eighteen Nobel laureates in the field of physics, chemistry and medicine.


10. Australia

The Australian government is committed to promote science and technology in Australia. It has also opened dedicated technology centers such as the Australian Technological Park in Sydney which is a scientific and research hub as well as an entertainment centre for kids. Key focus areas of R&D are information and communications, biotechnology, manufacturing, mining and the food industry.  This has put Australia in the forefront of the technological race among big players.

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  1. StainlessSteelCynic

    As a resident of Australia, I can tell you that while the Australian government claims it is committed to promoting science and technology in Australia, it rarely makes good on the promise.
    It’s private investment or corporate money that keeps Australia technologically competitive.

  2. rahul

    Its quite amusing to find dat “germany ” and “france” missing !! 50% of world’s scientists n innovator’s r frm dis region !!

  3. Serbia

    amazing none of the Balkan countries listed, yet these Asian copy and pasting countries are listed at the top who wrote this stupid article

    Japan,S Korea should be at the bottom because they are taking western technology and mass producing at cheaper rate. thats not a technology thats stupid.

    France,Germany,Poland,Italy, Russia, Serbia, ?

  4. Julian

    I’m surprised that you didn’t place Canada higher on the list. After all, the person who discovered insulin [Frederick Banting] was a Canadian, and Canada has arguably one of the best health care systems in the world. Without the Canadarm the ISS would never have been built. It all depends upon whether you consider a country’s contribution to be the total contribution or the populationwise contribution.

    If population matters, then Canada should be much higher on the list, at least higher than the US, but if it doesn’t then Finland should be much lower on the list and Japan should be #1, followed by the US.

  5. g.boy

    you lied about the uk it was germany that invented the jet engine ww2 germany was flyin jets near the end of the war germany invented the first balistic and cruise missles during ww2 it was german scienctist that were brought to america that put the US.INTO SPACE AND HELP THEM TO THE MOON. germany invented the first car first computers first tv first combustable engine i can go on and on

  6. Wes

    Can you give me one thing Serbia produced or invented? I bet 99% can not give an answer. South Korea is a copy cat I agree but Japan has had world renowned status as the most technologically advanced country in Asia for a long time. Please take a visit to their electronics store when you visit Japan, then you will be in awe by the new technological products they have, which would take another 5 years before they spread to the Western world.

  7. Ola Jinko

    This is a phony poll. Nigeria should be at least in Top 5. Nigeria is scientific leader in world researches. This is crazy poll made by madman you cannot discount Nigeria.

  8. hitchhiker

    Strange that nobody noticed, but today I learned that Finland began its industrialisation long before the Brits underwent the first industrial revolution…
    This is only one of the reasons why this article is anything but professional.


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