Top 10 Products Created By Mcdonalds That Did Not Do Well

Every company tries to diversify either to keep up with the competition or simply to survive. McDonalds did it too but unfortunately, some of their products did not do too well.


1. McGratin Croquette

This was a burger created by McDonalds especially for Japan. It contained mashed potatoes, Macaroni that had been fried silly and shrimp and all of it was served on cabbage. The name was unappetizing enough and it tasted quite odd.


2. Hulaburger

This burger was introduced in 1963 and their target customers were those Roman Catholics who did not eat non-vegetarian food on Fridays. Therefore, the company inserted a thin slice of pineapple between the bread instead of the meat. Needless to say, it was quite a failure.


3. McDLT

McDLT was quite a marvel during its time. The company sold it in a two-sided container- while the bottom part include the bottom half of the bread and the meat, the top part consisted of the other half as well as the tomato, pickles, lettuce, cheese and sauces. Those who were curious enough to buy it had to assemble it all together before eating it. You know what they should’ve done? Walked over to the nearest dumpster and binned it.


4. Arch Deluxe

This burger was meant for adults and the advertisements that were made to promote it showed children turning up their noses and walking past it. Ronald was also shown playing pool and golf- so-called adult sports. The burger was okay but not good enough to help the company earn profits.


5. McLobster

The name says it all. The company took some lobster bits, added tomato and lettuce and mixed it all up with some sauces. Let’s just say that it was not an attractive burger to look at. It wasn’t big enough to satiate the consumer who had to pay 5.99 dollars for it.


6. McHotdog

The McHotdog looked good and tasted okay but it never really did well with the consumers. According to Ray Kroc, they are unhygienic and unhealthy. Yes, because cheeseburgers are meant to be wholesome and nourishing, right?


7. McPizza

The pizza they created was bland and tasted like cardboard. Outlets all over the country ended up wasting money on ovens and on the construction of larger windows. Apart from the taste, it failed because when people thought of McDonalds, they thought of burgers and not pizzas.


8. McPasta

When the pizza was added to the menu, so was the McPasta. This included spaghetti, roasted chicken, lasagna and fettuccine alfredo. Just like the McPizza, people did not want to eat pasta at McDonalds- they continued to go to their favorite Italian joints if they craved spaghetti or lasagna.


9. McAfrica

The McAfrica was released when the people in Africa were suffering facing the aftermaths of a famine and trying to ward off starvation. Even though it tasted good, the advertising campaign was formulated at the worst possible time which is why the burger failed.


10. McLean Deluxe

The advertisement for the McLean Deluxe informed the viewers that even though it was low in fat, it tasted really good. Unfortunately, it did not- mainly because water was mixed with seaweed to replace the meat. It was repulsive and was removed from the menu within a few months.

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  1. ausjimmy

    this is bullshit man, the mcafrica was part of a “5 continents, 5 burgers” campaign in AUSTRALIA. it was tasty, too.


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