Top 10 Car Accident Causes

It may be sad to hear, but thousands of people die ever year due to car accidents and even more get seriously injured. The following are the top 10 causes.


1. Badly Made Roads

Sometimes the roads aren’t built properly- they are either too bumpy or too old which is what makes them rocky and uneven. In some countries, the streets are practically full of pot holes and if there are no lights on the road at night, an accident cannot be avoided.


2. Careless and Fast Driving

Young people, that is, teenagers, tend to believe that traffic rules are meant to be ignored. Hence, they are constantly speeding through the streets and jumping red lights. What they don’t understand is traffic lights exist for a reason and when they zoom past at a red light, they will crash against a tree or another vehicle.


3. Experimentation

Children today are in a hurry to grow up and they think of driving as the ultimate milestone. He then takes out the car without any parental supervision and naturally, he does not know the first thing about it. One wrong move and he will find himself reversing in full speed and the rest as they say, is history.


4. Lack of Focus

Some drivers are easily distracted-they feel that nothing will happen in that one minute as they try to finish another task, but unfortunately, they are wrong. It is strongly recommended that you avoid rummaging through your bag or putting on your lipstick when you are in the drivers seat.


5. Drugs or Substances

Drugs like cocaine, LSD and marijuana tend to cause hallucinations and make everything look different. Therefore, driving under the influence may seem okay to some but it is a definite no-no. You will believe that the tree is on your left but it will actually be on your right and you will end up losing your license or worse, your life.


6. Alcohol

Those who drive when they are drunk seriously need to get their heads checked. Every body knows that alcohol has the ability to blur one’s vision and make it difficult to think clearly. Therefore, getting behind the wheel when you have had too much to drink should be the last thing on your mind. Sadly, people don’t think so and drunk driving is the primary cause of accidents all over the world.


7. External Distractions

Most drivers find traffic accidents very fascinating for some reason. Therefore, when they come across a totaled car or injured driver on the road, they can’t keep themselves from staring as they drive.


8. Eating

Those who drive to work tend to eat in the car and because they need to look presentable, they try not to spill any crumbs on their outfit. Being careful when eating and driving at the same time is really not a favorable combination.


9. The Radio or CD player

Driving is always more enjoyable when one has some good music to listen to. However, make sure you put in your favorite CD before you start the car. Changing the radio station or putting in another CD is not exactly the smartest thing you should be doing as you drive.


10. Cell Phones

Talking on the mobile or texting is definitely the most foolish thing you can do when you are behind the wheel. And no, using wires or blue tooth does not make it better- you will have an accident and the conversation on the other end will not seem all that important then.

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4 Responses

  1. James

    Marijuana doesn’t make you hallucinate and it’s actually been proven to make you a more cautious driver. Please research your information before presenting them as facts.

  2. Caroline

    Yes please do research before you write, I am sure this information is wrong. Where is traffic? And where is fatigue? That’s the number one reason for car accidents. Not poorly made roads. I am offended by the blatant stupidity of this list. So much so, that I had to waste two minutes of my life complaining about it.

  3. Sara

    Wow than was kinda harsh….. please at least give this women/man for putting this togather it might have taken them a lot of time and effort for our enjoyment at least i think thats why….so i say goog job on making this person!!! =)

  4. Abdullahi

    All these safety rules are for guidance. Your personal judgment is of utmost importance. If you refused to be advice you’ll learn from history if you survived Anyway.


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