Top 10 Disappearances That Cannot Be Explained

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There are certain people who disappeared without a trace and till date, officials have not been able to figure out where they went. The following are the top 10:


1. Joseph Crater

Joseph Crater disappeared in 1930 when he was on a vacation in Maine. He got a phone call from a stranger and told his wife that he had to return to New York City immediately. He was leaving a restaurant with his friends and mistress and got into a taxi alone. He disappeared after that and his mistress vanished a month later.


2. Richard John Bingham

Lady Lucan was covered in her own blood when she ran into a pub screaming about how her husband had tried to murder her. The police searched the Lucan house and found the nanny lying dead along side a bloodstained pipe. Lord Lucan said that he was in the house when the woman was attacked. He disappeared a few days later and a similar pope was found in his bloodstained car.


3. Dorothy Arnold

A wealthy woman named Dorothy Arnold was shopping for a dress in 1910 in New York when she disappeared. Her family feels that she may have eloped with her boyfriend but the man knew nothing about it.


4. Benjamin Briggs

This man was the captain of a ship found in the Atlantic Ocean. The Mary Celeste was abandoned and its crew members, Briggs, his children and his wife were all missing. This disappearance is among the most famous historical mysteries.


5. Etta Place

Etta Place was Harry Longabaugh’s girlfriend- the notorious man who was also known as The Sundance Kid. People around her were never sure what her real name was as she changed it often. She was a prostitute and the first female landowner in Argentina. Etta Place disappeared after procuring her boyfriend’s death certificate. She did this to settle the problems surrounding the property he owned.


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