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Remember the days when we would cut coupons from the newspapers or from the flyers which came inside our weekend newspapers. It was a tedious process, but then all of us were willing to spend the little extra time to save a few dollars or even pennies by doing this.

Now it is the age of technology and even coupons have become a part of the technology revolution. Coupons are easily available on the net and all you need to do is a little bit of surfing and you are sure to find some good bargains for your particular needs.

Let us make life a little easier for you by mapping out the top 10 coupon sites on the net. These sites will give you coupons for items ranging from grocery stores and supermarkets, and also for computers and their accessories. You will also be able to access great deals through their linking systems and through online stores. The coupons keep changing since they all come with an expiry date, so take advantage of them as soon as you find one which is relevant to your requirements.



This site specialises in grocery coupons and is probably the oldest of all coupon sites. Here you can find coupons which are valid nationwide, so you do not need to type your pin code in order to find coupons which are valid in your area. Even though it focuses mainly on grocery items, you will be surprised at the savings which are on its anvil.



One of the most popular coupon sites, here you can find discount coupons from over 65,000 stores. They also show you various alternates for each item so that you have a choice and you are able to save the maximum amount of money.



With a name like this, you are enticed to search for the best bargains. Even though this is only tech focused, it can give you some amazing deals from computer and tech gadget manufacturers. Before you buy a new computer do check them out for any good deals which are being offered.



They call themselves the #1 website for printable grocery coupons. Their advantage lies in the fact that they provide you with local printable coupons, so that if you have missed out on them in your newspaper circulars, this is a good alternative source.



Stephanie Nelson runs this website as part of her campaign to stamp out hunger in the world. She has coupons in over 35 categories ranging from music to computers. She has built a very comprehensive site and hopes that by helping people save they will also donate to her ” Cut Out Hunger” initiative. Her efforts have been acknowledged on shows such as Oprah and CNN



Daily reporting on the best deals available on the net has made this into one of the most popular coupon and bargain sites. They also give you shopping tips and news about free deals, and have a special section on Amazon discounts.


7. Penny Pincher Gazette

This is one of those sites where they collate the information which is available on the larger discount sites, so that you do not have to go through each one of them. This makes searching for coupons much easier for everyone, since most information is available at one source.



Here is one more site where you can find a range of coupons from electronics to music and everything else in between. You can search by category, by store, and also by lowest price etc.



As the name suggests, they offer free shipping coupons. Often online purchases have major shipping charges which only add to the initial costs. Before you purchase anything online, check out the free shipping coupons codes and deals available here.



With over half a million members, here you can see and discuss the latest deals available everywhere. The members are very active and they can happily analyze the latest deals available, and how well they work. They even offer you a cashback opportunity through commissions with participating merchants.


There are many other sites which offer the facilities of these sites, but in our opinion these are the best among all of them. Enjoy your shopping!


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  1. DM is also a great coupon site. They list coupons daily for thousands of stores, and even have a “future” tab where they list future
    coupon deals days, weeks, or even months ahead of time! Great for planning some holiday shopping!


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