Top 10 Best Selling Mystery Writers of all Times

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6. John Le Carre:

Many believe him to be the best mystery writer of all times. His books cannot really be classified as mysteries since they were more concerned with inter personal relations, corporate wrangles and above all the relationships between the governments of countries. A brilliant writer, his books are superbly crafted and written with immense grace and style.


7. Ian Fleming:

The creator of James Bond, his books flew off the shelves as soon as they were released. He sold over 100 million copies of his books, and even though now the films about his main protagonist have become more popular, for a long time he was one of the best selling mystery writers.


8. Rex Stout:

Nero Wolfe is one of America’s best known and idiosyncratic detectives. Created by Rex Stout, this overly large, indulgent detective has been very well-liked by mystery readers of all generations. An armchair detective of the first order Nero Wolfe’s stories are narrated by his friend and assistant Archie Goodwin. Rex Stout combined snappy dialogue with intriguing stories and presented us with a series which have remained on the best selling lists for years.


9. Mickey Spillane:

Seven of the fifty bestselling books in America were written by Mickey Spillane. This in itself is a manifestation of his popularity. His detective Mike Hammer made his first appearance in the book,  I, the Jury. This book by itself sold over six and half million copies in the US. Many other books followed, and though none of them achieved the success of the first one, they still succeeded in making him one of the bestselling authors of all times.


10. John Grisham:

Technically, he cannot be termed as a mystery writer, but his books do have legal mysteries embedded within them. With over 250 million sales worldwide, his books have been translated into 29 languages worldwide. Each new book is greeted with immense fanfare and acclaim, and he is only one of two authors whose book has sold two million copies at its first printing.

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