Top 10 Most Popular Songs About Cocaine

These songs about cocaine were probably written under the influence which is why they are vague and bizarre.


1. Bales of Cocaine

This song is about a farmer who finds massive amounts of cocaine in the hay at his farm. After consulting his brother, he takes it to Dallas and ends up making millions. He sells his farm and buys another one in a different part of the world. It explores a different outlook as far as cocaine is concerned and because an entrepreneurial angle has been tapped into, it is among the best ever made.


2. Lit up

This song is interesting and is quite disturbing, to say the least. The lyrics need not be analyzed because they are quite straight-forward and easy to understand. The character in the song does not miss any opportunity to light up and do what he has to.


3. My Michelle

My Michelle is about a woman whose father works with pornographic material and her mother is never around. She adored heroin at one times but it stopped agreeing with her after a certain point. Unfortunately, it is based on real-life events but thankfully the woman cleaned up and lived happily ever after.


4. That Smell

This song by Lynyrd Skynyrd is as bizarre as the man himself. One particular verse talks about how the central character is traveling in a new car with whiskey bottles all around him and a tree comes in his way. The air is full of smoke and he has taken too much coke which is why he needs to carry out some serious introspection.


5. Life in the Fast Lane

The Eagles are world-renowned for their ambiguous and uncertain songs which leave a lot to the imagination. The best portion of the song talks about how some people host outrageous and loud parties and pay massive bills the next day. One verse talks about how the drug covers every inch of the room.


6. Truckin’

This song is about how the Casey Jones are maneuvering a train and are under the influence of cocaine at the same time because of which the rest of us should slow down. Their staple diet consists of Vitamin C and cocaine which is quite a shame.


7. Sticky Fingers

All the songs in this album have obviously been written under the influence and most of them make a reference to cocaine and sometimes, heroine. One song talks about how some people are rich and the others not so much but no matter what, they are all addicted to the drug.

8. Cocaine Blues

Many songs go by this name because evidently, there is no shortage of the drug. It talks about the negative effects that cocaine has on the body. One version says that there is no difference between two women when the singer’s brain is addled with cocaine.


9. Cocaine Blues

This one is by Johnny Cash and talks about a man called Willie Lee. He shoots a woman and runs away but gets caught. He is then faced with a jury and given 99 years in prison. He advises the other prisoners to stay away from the drug but if they want to kill somebody, that’s okay.


10. Cocaine

This version by J.J. Cale is practically stuffed with the word ‘cocaine’ and talks about how one should take the drug all through the day- no matter how happy or sad one is.

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