Top 10 Protests That Were Carried Out Single-Handedly

These protests were all remarkable in their own way and because they were carried out single-handedly, they are remembered till date.


1. Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong refused to stand up for America at the Soviet Union because he felt that his people were not being treated well. He kept smiling through the protest and inspired people all over the world to follow suit.


2. Dr. King

Dr. King carried out a protest because he felt that while mankind needed change, the transformation should not take place at that particular time. He also felt that time had been used by clever and cunning people through the years in a depressing manner. He believed in non-violence and was able to achieve his goal.


3. Zackie Achmat

Zackie Achmat said that he will not be on the receiving end of certain injections or drugs until and unless the rest of his country was given access to it as well. He said that even though he recognized that his actions were not too practical, he went ahead with it and proved that protests do not have to be carried out on a large-scale or peppered with chaos and commotion to be taken seriously.


4. Bob Marley

Bob Marley released a song during his time which encouraged people to get up and take some action if they wanted to change their plight and get what they deserve. The lyrics were simple and his message was simpler but it definitely reached the people and made this musician a legend.


5. Henry Thoreau

Henry Thoreau said that he would not pay tax because he did not want to follow the Government blindly. He protested by saying that every body has the power and right to rebel and follow individual codes of honor.


6. Vedran Smailovic

When the siege was taking place in Sarajevo, this man did not stop playing his cello for over three weeks. He did so as a protest against all those who died of starvation and even though it did not change much, he did it to honor those who died suffering, but with dignity.


7. Mohandas Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi carried out the civil disobedience movement in India during the freedom struggle. He created ripples through the country and refused to wear or eat anything that was made by the British. His great protest is called the Dandi March when he walked for several miles just so that he could make salt. Even though he got into a lot of trouble, he managed to get his point across.


8. Thích Quảng Đức

Thích Quảng Đức set himself on fire as a protest against the Government who were killing Buddhists mercilessly at the time. He stood rooted to the spot and did not even flinch even as the flames engulfed him.


9. Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks refused to get up when a white passenger asked her to move and give her the seat on the bus. One woman inspired people every where to stand up for their rights and needless to say, she succeeded!


10. The Tiananmen Square Incident

This nameless man moved his body along with the tanks and argued with a soldier. Nobody knows who he was but people continue to refer to him as The Tank Man.

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