Top 10 Mysterious Murders In Recent Years

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Most criminals are caught either because they were not careful enough or because the authorities were too smart. However, the following murders have not been solved till date.


1. The Seewen Murders

These murders took place in 1986 when five members of a particular family in Switzerland were killed. Even though the police suspects Carl Doser, no concrete evidence has been found as such. The gun shots were extremely accurate and most of the victims were shot through the head.


2. Bob Crane

Robert Crane was a part of the successful sitcom called Hogan’s Heroes. He was loved by the audience but they did not know that he had been battling with sex addiction for years. He was found dead in 1978 and even though a man named Carpenter was connected with the crime, the murder remains quite a mystery till date.


3. Dian Fossey

Dian Fossey dedicated her life to stop the practice of poaching in Africa because of which she became quite famous. She was killed in 1985 and was found with a machete stuffed into her skull. Even though the staff members at the research center were arrested, nobody was prosecuted.


4. Julie Ward

Julia Ward was an avid wildlife photographer and was found dead in Kenya in 1988. When her body was found, it was charred and was buried in the reserve.


5. Amber Hagerman

Amber Hagerman was 10 years old when she was kidnapped and murdered. Terapon Adhahn was arrested in 2007 but he was let go because nothing solid was found. There is nothing scarier than an unsolved murder but what is even more terrifying is the thought of a free serial killer who enjoys victimizing young children.


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