Top 10 Most Popular Movies For Teenagers

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6. The Dead Poets Society

The Dead Poets Society focuses on a teacher who transforms the students and his colleagues by making them think outside the box. Conservative views are transformed into liberated thoughts which is what made the movie the classic that it is. The teacher encourages his students to raise their voice if they feel that they deserve to be heard.


7. The Breakfast Club

Five students who could not be more different if they tried are forced to come together when they are given detention during the weekend. Once the principal walks out of the room, their personalities start clashing against each other and serious frictions lead to fights.


8. Stand by Me

This book is adapted from a Stephen King novel. It talks about four boys who are about to begin high school. They go off on a summer adventure together because they want to see a young boy’s dead body. This journey changes their lives forever and they view the world in a different light by the end of it.


9. La Haine

La Haine is about three friends who live in the slums of Paris. The film is set against the backdrop of racial discrimination that was rampant in France during the 1990s. The three friends explain how much they hate the system due to different reasons.


10. Rebel Without a Cause

This film is definitely the best as far as teenage movies are concerned. The film has obvious undertones which is why it created controversy. It is about a character played by James Dean who shifts with his parents to a new town and starts afresh in a new High School.

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