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Now here is one top ten list which is sure to make you yearn for more. Food forms such an integral part of our lives, and we spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about it, planning it, cooking it and above all eating it. Food Blogs have become very popular and the ones we have mentioned below have achieved their fame not only due to their recipes but also due to their style of writing and their ability to make even the most mundane of foods sound good.


1. 101 Cookbooks:

One of the world’s most popular food blogs, this one is authored by Heidi Swanson, she “focuses mainly on natural whole foods and ingredients that are good for you and the planet”. The blog is very user friendly and her writing style is very casual and friendly. She has indexed her recipes ingredient wise and also category wise. The photographs are simple and so are the recipes. This blog is believed to one of the most popular food blogs all over the world.


2. David Lebowitz:

Based in Paris, David Lebowitz has made a reputation for himself due to his insightful comments about restaurants and recipes and also his interview with other food industry celebrities. A cookbook author and a former pastry chef, he has over 25,000 visitors’ every day to his blog. Witty and droll, he gives an excellent guide on all the culinary stories and secrets about Paris.


3. Chez Pim:

Pim quit her job in 2005 to start her blog and has become a celebrity in her own right. She writes about food, recipes and restaurants. Her chatty style and her ability to write authoritatively about all aspects of food have made her blog a very popular one. Somehow she makes cooking seem so simple and easy!


4. Orangette:

Molly Wizenberg’s blog has been described as the “ultimate food-lover’s blog.”  Her recipes range from the elaborate to the simple and each one is accompanied by her chatty comments about them and also about anything else that she can think of.


5. Chocolate and Zucchini:

An odd combination for a name of a blog – but this blog is also a showcase of the author’s passion for everything connected with food. As she says in her blog – ” The blog was created in September of 2003 as an outlet for someone who feared her friends might tire of hearing about what she cooked/ate/baked/bought, though they didn’t seem to have a problem with being fed dinner.”  Once again there are recipes which make cooking look easy and simple, and encourage you to venture into the kitchen.


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