Top 10 Most Mesmerizing Streets

Some streets in the world are downright terrifying while the rest are beautiful simply because they are unique and sometimes, maze-like.


1. Gravity hills

Gravity hills are found all over the world. Those who have been on such streets will know that if you park your vehicle at its foot, an illusion will be created that will make you believe that the car or bike is actually going up the hill!


2. Ebenezer Place

This street is in Scotland and is considered to be the shortest in the world as it is only 6.8 feet long. Naturally, there is only one house on this tiny street which was constructed in 1883.


3. Pan-American Highway

If Ebenezer Place is the shortest street in the world, this one is the longest. Earlier a street in Japan held the title but over the years because of several changes, this one has replaced it. It stretches across 29,800 miles and goes through nations like El Salvador, USA, Mexico and 12 others.


4. Parliament Street

Parliament Street in England is said to be the narrowest of its kind in the world. It measures about 25 inches and is 50 meters in terms of length and has been around since the 1300s.


5. Road to Giza

Road to Giza is mesmerizing because it is about 46,000 years old which makes it the oldest paved street in the world. It stretches across 7.5 miles and was initially used for the movement of basalt from one location to another.


6. 9 de Julio Avenue

9 de Julio Avenue is in Argentina and was constructed when the country gained independence. It is widest in the world and stretches across six lanes. Landmarks like the Plaza de la República and the well known obelisk can be found on this street.


7. Lombard Street

This street in San Francisco is the most crooked in the world and is fantastic because it has unpredictable twists and turns. There are 8 turns, to be precise and were added to the street because without them, it would be too steep and sharp for cars and bikes. One particular section is only one way which was done to make this dangerous street slightly safer in the long run. Naturally, people are not allowed to park their vehicles here.


8. The Magic Roundabout

The Magic Roundabout is in England and is the world’s most confusing roundabout, making it the worst street in the world. It was constructed during the 1970s and is so massive that it encompasses about five tinier roundabouts. If you are traveling on the central portion, you have to follow the rules, that is, drive slowly in the anti-clockwise direction. This is very confusing for British drivers because they are not used to it.


9. Savoy Court

This street is in England as well and is the only one in the country which forces the drivers to move on the right side and not the left. Thankfully, it is legal even though it is perplexing.


10. Baldwin Street

This street in New Zealand is so sharp that it has earned itself the title of the steepest in the world. It was designed by those planners that did not think it necessary to visit the country and check out the location. They made the pattern by simply looking at the map and therefore, created the most impractical design they could have come up with.

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  1. gaby redin

    There is a cemetery in Florence, Italy that is located in the center of a main street. Its small but the street splits in two and connects again after passing it. I pass by it everyday, everyone here is so use to it, but once you think of it, its pretty odd.


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