Top 10 Grand Prix Circuits in the World

Motor racing and specially the Grand Prix Circuits have become associated with the rich and the famous. There is a great deal of glamour attached to them, and since the top car manufacturers are linked with them, a lot of money is also attached to the sport. The best Grand Prix circuits have become the playground all those who enjoy the speed and the thrills which accompany the motor racing sport.

These are among the best known circuits in the world:


1. British F1 Grand Prix:

Currently held at Silverstone in Northampshire, it is one of the oldest continuously held Formula One championships. Presently the circuit length is 5.901 km and the race length is 306.747 km. One of the premier racing events in the year in England, the course has now been modified to give a brand new circuit configuration.


2. Italian Grand Prix:

One of the longest running sporting events in the world, the Italian Grand Prix initially began in 1921 in Brescia. Presently it is being held at Monza and has a race length of about 306.720 km. It is one of the most prestigious of all Formula One races and is the home of many a championship battle.


3. Malaysian Grand Prix:

The Malaysian Grand Prix is held at the Sepang International Circuit in Sepang. The circuit itself is 5.543 km long and the race is 310.408 kms  long. The variations in the weather at this circuit have only added to the mystique of this event.


4. German F1 Grand Prix:

The German Grand Prix became a part of the Formula One circuit in 1951 and is presently held at Hockenheim. There is also an alternate track at Nurburgring, and due to a dispute between the two, the races earlier would be held at the two sites every alternate year. However now all disputes seem to have been settled and it is once more a part of the F1 championship circuit.


5. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix:

This track was built on the Yas Island by Herman Tilke, and it travels through a diversity of regions such as residential areas, sand dunes, beaches and theme parks.  The track is 5.5 km long and is one of Abu Dhabi’s most popular tourist attractions, especially in November when the race is held.


6. Valencia Grand Prix Circuit:

Some parts of this circuit were also designed by Herman Tilke, and like the Abu Dhabi race track, here also the drivers’ race through the port area and through the town, rather than through the regular race track which is situated outside the town. Because of the mild temperatures in Spain, this regular track is often used as a test track by F1 drivers.


7. Brazilian F1 Grand Prix:

This Grand Prix event is held at Interlagos, a district in the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil. It first joined the Formula One circuit in 1973, though from 1978 to 1980 the venue was moved to Rio De Janeiro, only moving back here permanently in 1981. It is considered to be one of the most exciting and challenging circuits in the Formula One calendar.


8. Singapore Marina Bay Grand Prix:

Named after the bay area where this race is located, the circuit here is special since the race is held at night. The powerful street lights of Singapore are sufficient to light up the sport. The races here were resumed after the thirty years in 2008 and today it is one of Asia’s most dramatic and exciting races.


9. Monaco Grand Prix:

Believed by many race drivers to be the toughest race circuit in the world, this course is laid out once a year in the narrow streets of Mo0nte Carlo. The breathtaking harbour makes a great backdrop and the gathering of the world’s glitterati to watch this race only adds to the mystique and excitement of this race.


10. Japanese Grand Prix – Suzuka:

The race track here is considered to be among the most challenging in the world. It has seen it'[s ups and downs due to the lack of sponsorship and also due to the fact that occasionally the Grand Prix has been moved to the Fuji Speedway . But now that Toyota has withdrawn from hosting the race at Fuji, Suzuka has regained its place as Japan’s premier motor racing circuit.

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4 Responses

  1. Oscar L

    I completely disagree, here is my ranking (from the current calendar):
    1 SPA
    2 Suzuka
    3 Monza
    3 Silverstone
    4 Interlagos
    5 Singapore
    6 Sepang
    7 Montreal
    8 Melbourne
    9 Monaco
    10 Turkey

  2. Nathan

    Good list, but based on both broadcast and playing F1 2010, I would have to say:

    Abu Dhabi

    Worthy Mention
    Old Adelaide Ciruit (Australia)

  3. Jesse

    crappy list. som good tracks, some bad tracks. a lot of tracks shouldnt be there. wheres melbourne? thats considered by all f1 fans as one of the best events on the calender


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