Top 10 Most Popular Food Items in the World

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Food is an essential part of our lives and everyone has a different take on what is the most popular food item on a menu. For this list let us have a look at what is the most recognizable food item in the world, something that we order for our take-outs or something that we always fall back upon when we are looking for a quick and tasty meal. It can loosely be termed as fast food, though some of these may not fall in that category.

In no particular order – here are the world’s most familiar food items:


1. Ice Cream:

Is there a soul left in this world who has not tasted ice-cream? The ultimate soul food, ice cream has, like many of the food items listed below, adapted itself to local flavours. The most prevalent flavours are vanilla, chocolate and strawberry but there are many places which boast of over 30 flavours. Yummy, mouth watering, and so much fun to eat, ice cream probably tops the list of all popular food items


2. Chocolates:

However a close contender for the most popular food item would be chocolates. Big or small, with fruit fillings or with nuts, dark or milk, the choices are endless. The Swiss claim to have invented it and Cadbury’s claim to have popularised it, and lovers all over the world claim it to be the ultimate aphrodisiac. With choices ranging from the simple Kit Kat’s to the ultimate luxury brands; there are few people who can say that they do not love chocolates!


3. Pizza:

There are few places in the world where a pizza joint is not present! Apart from the inevitable Dominoes and Pizza Huts, there are often some local eating places which will serve you their version of pizza, with some local spices and vegetables added to them. Quick to make and easy to home deliver, pizzas are very popular among the young and old alike.


4. Burgers:

McDonald’s can and do claim credit for popularising the hamburger throughout the world. Children love them and even though the parents are not too sure about the nutritional quality of the burgers, they inevitably give in and take their children to the nearest burger joints. Here also, the burgers have adapted themselves to the local cuisines and traditional taboos.


5. French Fries and Potato Chips:

Where there are burgers – there are French fries. We have combined them with potato chips to make them one category – since both are basically variations of the very popular potato. When well made and correctly fried, French fries can be quite nice and definitely filling.


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