Top 10 Most Expensive Gift Ideas

Those who survive on tight budgets are always going through their cupboards to see what they can get rid of. Similarly, those who live in the lap of luxury do not know what to do with the money and so they benefit from the following gifting ideas.


1. Wristwatch by Chopard

This wristwatch is about 25 million dollars and is decorated with an array of diamonds and while some are pink, others are white and heart-shaped. Because naturally, when we look at our watches, we want to stroke the diamonds and not just find out what the time is.

2. Blue Diamond Ring by Chopard

The Blue Diamond Ring will cost you a mere 16.26 million dollars. The gorgeous diamond is oval-shaped and the band is made of white gold which is also shockingly, scattered with diamonds. If the price makes sense to you, you should call your psychiatrist and fix up an appointment with him.


3. iPhone 3G Kings Button by Peter Aloisson

This mobile phone is priced at 2.4 million dollars which makes it the most expensive of its kind. The surface of the phone is adorned with gold and diamonds whereas the lining is made of gold and is laced with diamonds as well. This not-so-practical phone will weigh you down if you have plans of walking around with it.


4. The Veyron from Bugatti

This car is for 1.25 million dollars and apart from being stunning to look at, it is also among the fastest in the world. It can reach a speed of about 60 mph in less than 3 seconds and about 252 mph in less than a minute.


5. Mukhesh Ambani’s House

If you have about 2 billion dollars just lying about, you can approach this business tycoon and make an offer for his gigantic mansion. It is over 550 feet high and the garage has enough space for the family’s 168 cars.


6. Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck

These bottles of Champagne traveled aimlessly for about 80 years after which they reached their destination. The bottles are priced at 275,000 dollars and are a favorite amongst the guests of the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow. So basically, you are drinking away all that cash- how fulfilling!


7. Imperial Majesty by Clive Christian

The Guinness book of records calls this perfume the most expensive in the world as it costs about 215,000 dollars per piece. The neck is dipped in gold and has a diamond attached to it. If you can afford this perfume, you will smell like nobody else in town because honestly, no one else will be foolish enough to purchase it.


8. The Jubilee Bear

This teddy bear is for 71,500 dollars and was created by Steiff. The fur is stiff because it is made of gold and its eyes are quite startling as they are made of diamonds and sapphires. You can’t exactly hug it, but it is great to look at which is exactly what teddy bears are for, right?

9. Computer Mouse by Pat Says Now

This computer mouse costs about 24,180 dollars and is adorned with over 55 diamonds and white gold. The design is beautiful and the features are as extraordinary. It is available in two designs but happy buyers say that the Scattered Diamond is prettier.


10. The Fantasy Bra by Victoria’s Secret

The design of these bras is considered to be as beautiful and dazzling as an Angel’s wings. It is scattered with about 2,900 diamonds set in gold which collectively weigh about 110 carats.

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