Top 10 Comic Book Characters

This is a list which could cover many numbers. Comic book characters have enchanted us and thrilled us through our childhood. They have endured generations, and while we have grown older and our children have begun to read these comic strips, the cast of the comics have remained the same age and have continued their antics and escapades through decades.

Here, in no particular order, are some of the comic book characters who have been a part of the children’s lives for many years:


1. Asterix:

Asterix and his merry Gauls have been fighting the Roman invasion with the help of their magic potion and all the guile of their fellow villagers. The names are lyrical, the stories are delightful and the characters are whimsical. Obelix, a druid named Getafix, and dog named Dogmatix – what more do you need to sit back and relax and smile.


2. Mickey Mouse:

This tiny mouse has become the worldwide symbol of Walt Disney. Formulated in 1928, today he has spawned countless films and comic books and comic strips. The enchantment lies in his realistic stories and his ability to live happily in a world full of human beings.


3. Tarzan:

He may not be so popular now but for many decades he ruled the jungles of Africa and the hearts of comic book readers. Riding on elephants, swinging through the trees and have lions and monkeys as best friends, which child can resist a story like this one.


4. Phantom:

Another hero from Africa, Phantom was the precursor of masked heroes like Superman and Batman. He also lives in Africa, and has a wolf as his constant companion. But in many of his episodes he has visited the urban areas to deal with problems which have cropped up there.


5. Superman:

While we are talking about masked superheroes how can we forget the best of them all – Superman. Clark Kent – aka Superman has been the hero of successful films and comic strips. Superhuman’s strength and the ability to fly through cities marked him as a force to be reckoned with.


6. Archie:

All teenagers love him and hope that they can get girlfriends like Betty and Veronica. The cast of these books never seem to grow up, they still cause trouble for the principal at Riverdale High, they still cause sleepless nights for Veronica’s father and Jughead still spends most of his time eating.


7. Calvin and Hobbes:

Any mention of comic books will be incomplete with the beloved 6 year old Calvin and his imaginary tiger toy, Hobbes. Created by Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes have enraptured imaginations of children and adults alike with their surprisingly deep insights into human behaviour and habits. Calvin looks and criticises very obvious contradictions in the way adults live and teach their children about the world. This often takes a toll on his parents which adds for more interesting humour. A must read for any comic book aficionado!


8. TinTin:

A young and fairly tiny Belgian reporter TinTin accompanied by his faithful dog Snowy , this comic book series became very popular due to their mix of fantasy and reality. Set in contemporary times, our hero shows great intelligence and agility while he tries to solve the world’s problems. From the mountains of Tibet in ‘Tintin in Tibet’ to the ruins of  the Incas in South America, this is a classic series which has stood the test of time over and over again.


9. Beetle Bailey:

A bumbling army recruit, Beetle Bailey manages to do everything wrong. His irritated sergeant Sergeant Snorkel, his inept and semi-alcoholic General Halftrack all succeed in making his life quite miserable. Set in an army camp somewhere, they never seem to see combat, but spend an inordinate amount of time training.


10. Hagar the Horrible:

From a comic book series set in modern times let us move to a series set in the Stone Age. Hagar the Horrible lives in a stone home, is a Viking who goes off to fight wars in ships, and has a wife who insists that he help her in the house (somethings have not changed over centuries!).Scruffy, overweight, shaggy he is the antithesis of the modern comic superheroes. But he is still as popular as them!

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    Mistake on entry no. 4. The character pictured is called the Phantom Stranger. The Phantom wears a purple bodysuit.


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