Top 10 People Who Survived After Getting Executed

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These people were sentenced to death and were almost on their way to heaven or hell but got lucky and managed to live another day.


1. Elizabeth Proctor

Elizabeth Proctor was thought to be a witch in 1692 and was arrested. Even though her friends protested, she was sentenced to death. Elizabeth was pregnant at the time and gave birth to her baby in prison. The rope was placed around her neck and she fell through the trapdoor but did not die!


2. John Henry George Lee

John Henry George Lee was arrested because it was felt that he was involved in the murder of a woman named Emma Keyse. He was about to be hanged when the release on the trap door malfunctioned and he fell through it thrice but did not die.


3. William Duell

William Duell along with 4 other men was hanged after spending time in jail for raping and murdering a child in London. At the time, dead bodies of criminals were used for medical purposes. When William’s body was laid in the Surgeons’ Hall, a student realized that he was breathing!


4. Zoleykhah Kadkhoda

Zoleykhah Kadkhoda was arrested because she was having an affair even though she was married. It was declared that she was to be killed and that people were to throw stones at her till she died. However, the stoning was abruptly stopped and the woman was taken to the morgue where the officials realized that she was breathing.


5. Wenseslao Moguel

Wenseslao Moguel was arrested after getting caught during the Mexican revolution. The officials were supposed to open fire at him and continue till he died. He was shot at 9 times but somehow managed to escape and live for a long time after.


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