Top 10 Castles and Palaces in the World

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There is an aura of royalty and opulence attached to the word – palaces. You can visualise grace and power, beautiful men and women, centuries of tradition and pomp and show at all these places. They are among the most visited sites in the world, and whether we believe in a monarchical system of governance or not, they still fascinate us.

These are ten of the world’s most beautiful castles and palaces:


1. Chateau De Versailles – Paris:

Completed in 1682, this palace is one of France’s main tourist attractions. The exquisitely laid out gardens, the famous Hall of Mirrors, its sheer extravagance is mind-boggling. The opulence and the grandeur at the Chateau are reminders of the years of magnificence of the French monarchy and of the grand plans of Sun King Louis XIV


2. Alhambra – Spain:

The world’s most beautifully preserved Muslim palace, this amazing palace is located in Granada, Spain. It is Spain’s most popular tourist spot and rightly so. The intricate woodwork, the exquisitely laid out waterways and the general sense of peace and tranquillity are the hallmarks of this fabulous example of Muslim architecture


3. Krak Des Chevaliers – Syria:

It was once described by T.E. Lawrence as the “best preserved and most wholly admirable castle in the world.” It is located on the only route from Antioch to Beirut and thus to the Mediterranean Sea. Believed to be an excellent piece of military architecture it was designed to withstand a siege lasting over many years.


4. Schloss Schonbrunn – Vienna – Austria:

Many believe it to be the most beautiful of Europe’s castles. The residence of the Habsburgs since 1659, it is today a showplace for all artefacts and items used by the royalty. Europe’s finest artists and craftsmen helped build this place and decorate and today their craftsmanship is visible through the sprawling regions of this castle.


5. Prague Castle – Prague:

The largest medieval castle in Europe, it is now the residence of the President of the Czech Republic. A large complex of cathedrals and palaces and churches, it stands as a tribute to the many rulers and invaders who added their own touches to this beautiful palace.


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