Ten Most Expensive Cars in Each Brand

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Expensive cars exist only in the realm of the rich and famous. We can look at them enviously as they glide past us with a murmur and with the grace of a gazelle. Every car manufacturer has at least one elite, fabulously expensive car within his brand, which is built exclusively for their select customers. They bring them out in limited quantities since they want to retain the exclusivity of the brand.

Here are ten of these cars:


1. Lamborghini Reventon:

They are renowned for their expensive cars, but this one is on top of their list also. Costing about $ 1,600,000, it has a top speed of 212mph. They build only 20 of these every year; hence their exclusivity and price are maintained.


2. Ferrari Enzo:

A superb car, it has always been very popular among the rich and the famous. They produced only 400 of these cars, and even today the previously owned models are  sold at a much higher price than it’s original costing of $ 670,000. Ferrari’s craftsmanship is renowned and this is one of their masterpieces.


3. Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren Roadster:

With superb German technology behind it, this gorgeous convertible is prized among car fanatics. It has the world’s fastest automatic transmission, and a top speed of 206 mph, is well known for its excellent performance and style. At $ 495,000 it is definitely not built for the general public.


4. Porsche Carrera GT:

How can we expect anything but the best from Porsche?  A true racing car feel in a convertible of the highest quality, this beauty can cost you anything around $ 440,000.


5. Maybach Exelero:

Most people are not familiar with a Maybach car – since every model of it is a high-end model. It is loosely termed as a super luxury Merc, because the production lines are the same. But for those who have owned a Maybach – there are none which are equal to it in performance and engineering. Be ready to fork out $ 8 million for this particular beauty.


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