Top 10 People Who Performed Surgery On Themselves

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Many people in the past carried out surgeries on themselves but it is strongly recommended that you do not take inspiration from this list.

1. Dr Jerri Nielsen

This American physician realized that she had a lump in her breast in 1999 after which she carried out a biopsy on herself. Because the verdict was inconclusive, she carried out the surgery once again and this time she found that she had cancer. She went on to initiate the treatment on her own.


2. Amanda Feilding

Amanda Feilding had a condition because of which she was tired and exhausted all the time. She realized that she had to undergo a certain kind of surgery and spent a lot of time looking for a surgeon but was unsuccessful. This is when she decided to carry it out herself.


3. Deborah Sampson

Deborah Sampson pretended to be a man so that she could become a part of the army in 1782. After she was injured in a battle, she was hospitalized but because she was scared that her secret would be revealed, she performed the surgery herself with a needle and a knife.


4. Dr Evan O’Neill Kane

Dr Evan O’Neill Kane carried out appendectomy on himself when he was trying to prove that there is no need for anesthesia as long as the surgery is minor. A few years later he performed yet another surgery on himself as he was suffering from Hernia.


5. Joannes Lethaeus

Joannes Lethaeus removed a large stone from his bladder and his brother helped him through it. A healer was summoned who then proceeded to sew up the wound. This man was truly remarkable because not only did he not have the proper tools but also because the stone was as large as an egg and weighed about 4 ounces.


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