Top 10 Most Visually Stunning Marine Species

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Some species of fish are dangerous while the rest are too tiny to be anything at all. The following are beautiful and need to be preserved for as long as it is humanly possible.


1. African Cichlids

African Cichlids are found in Victoria, Malawi and Tanganyika. They can grow to length of seven inches and are usually blue in color. Because they are bred in freshwater lakes, they can survive in aquariums which means that you can raise them if you like. African Cichlids are quite aggressive and want their water to have the perfect pH level.


2. Parrotfish

Parrotfish are extremely colorful- their bodies are streaked with different shades of green, orange, purple and blue. Their tails practically glow with the colors and sometimes their patterns are placed in such a way that it looks like they’re smiling! They have strong beaks which they use to eat the other fish and keep the food cycle going.


3. Regal Tang

If you have seen Finding Nemo and fallen in love with Dory, you will know what a Regal Tang looks like! They have bright blue bodies that are sometimes streaked with black and lime yellow tails and fins.


4. Coral Beauty

This fish has been named quite suitably because it is truly gorgeous to look at. A thin portion from its eyes to its fin is orange and the rest is navy while a lining of bright blue can also be found in some species.


5. Flame Angel

This fish looks like it has literally burst into flames. It is orange and black and looks quite disinterested most of the times. Its tail is a slightly lighter orange when compared to its body. The part where the fin begins is usually electric blue in color. If you want to buy one, keep in mind that its behavior is quite fickle and erratic.


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