Top 10 Smartest Celebrities

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Mensa is a society and the members who are a part of it all have extremely high IQs. Names like Marilyn vos Savant and Steven Hawking are always associated with this society which is why it is shocking when people find out that the following 10 are a part of it too!


1. Scott Levy

Most wrestlers are considered to be airheads and are respected till they are within the confines of the ring. This WCW wrestler has an IQ of about 143 and graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in criminal law. He said that his dream was to become a lawyer and when that did not work, he took to wrestling.


2. Asia Carrera

Asia Carerre is a famous actress who has been a part of hardcore adult films. She is beautiful and has a gorgeous figure. If you put all the facts together, there is no doubt that you will also think that the woman is dumb. However, fact is that she has an IQ of 156 and plays the piano beautifully.


3. Myles Jeffrey

Myles Jeffrey is a part of many films but only lends his voice to them. He was made to take an IQ test when he was 6 years old and results declared that he was a certified genius.


4. Steve Martin

Everybody knows who Steve Martin is- he is brilliantly funny and an amazing actor. What many people don’t know is that he studied Philosophy and loved the subject so much that he wanted to become a professor and teach it. His IQ is 142.


5. Geena Davis

Geena Davis was a part of a student exchange program when she was a teenager which allowed her to visit Sweden and live there for a few weeks. With an IQ of 140, it is not surprising that she learnt Swedish within that period of time and is now fluent in it. What’s more, she studied drama, can play the piano, the drums and the flute.


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