Top 10 Most Colorful Animals

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Color in all its magnificence is a visualization of God’s greatest creations. Whether it is flowers or plants or animals, everywhere we can see amazing colours and vibrant hues. Their various colours are often means of camouflaging themselves or of attracting the other members of their species.

Ten of the most colorful animals – whether on the earth or in water are listed below:


1. Panther Chameleon:

With it’s ability to change colours in accordance with the environment, temperature and the light around it, the Chameleon has become the generic term for quick changes of moods and colour. How we wish we could also easily change from red to white or green or blue as and when we feel like it!


2. Monarch Butterfly:

Butterflies have always been graceful and beautiful, but the Monarch Butterfly is extra special. It’s magnificent colours are a warning against predators and enemies since the wings are poisonous.


3. Sockeye Salmon:

Usually these salmon are blue and silver in colour, but just before the spawning season they turn into green and red colours. Beautiful in any colour, they are found mainly in the Northern Pacific ocean and in the rivers discharging into it.


4. Clownfish:

These fish can be red, orange, yellow or black in colour and often have white bands or patches covering them. Even though they look great, beware of them since they are generally covered in slime. They live among the anemone in the sea and the slime protects them from the sting of the anemone.


5. Blue- footed Bobby:

With feet which range from a pale turquoise to a deep aquamarine, these birds are generally clumsy on land but are great seabirds. The brighter the colour of their feet, the greater the attraction for the female birds!


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