Top 10 Ways To Occupy Yourself If You Lose Your Job

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America is in recession and this has affected the rest of the world as well. Many people have lost their jobs and do not know what to do with their free time. This top 10 list discusses some ways to occupy yourself in you find yourself unemployed.


1. Un-Employment Insurance

If your company fired you, you should go right ahead to the nearest unemployment office and apply for un-employment insurance. If your application is good enough, you will be compensated for months at a stretch. You can also apply if you quit your job but it may be harder to get through.


2. Scrutinize Your Budget and Finances

Go through the details of your current budget and find out how you can trim it off. This can include switching over to a different cell phone or cable service provider or buying unbranded breakfast cereal. If you do this, you will remain comfortable till you find another job. At this stage, it is imperative that you step over your pride and do whatever it takes.


3. Update your resume

Dig out your resume and cut out all the lies you can spot and add additional skills you may have learnt over the years. In addition to that, when you are jotting down the references, add only those that will speak in your favor.


4. Go out and Mingle

Networking should be your highest priority if you find yourself without a job. Most people tend to hide under the covers so that nobody finds out about their situation. What they should do is get out there and let family members and friends know that they are on a look-out for a job.

5. Unwind

Instead of panicking and popping pills to keep anxiety at bay, try and relax so that your mind is clear enough for you to assess all the available options. Spend your days reading or in front of the television without feeling bad because you will find a job soon enough after which it becomes difficult to find some time off.


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