Top 10 Most Unforgettable Dictators

While some of these dictators got what they wanted by literally torturing the masses, others were dignified and tolerant of the different cultures and religions.


1. Porfirio Diaz

Porfirio Diaz’s presidency went on for about 20 years and he single-handedly managed to annihilate the Mexican economy. He headed the Government in the country and gained complete control over the authorities. The Mexican revolution was kick-started when this dictator was re-elected for a second term.


2. Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro was Cuba’s prime minister in 1959 and became the president soon after. He was successful in what he did and was not as ruthless as the rest mentioned in this list. His record is quite clean and he was a good leader.


3. Chairman Mao

Mao Tse-tung headed the People’s Republic of China for a long time till his reigned ended in 1976. His philosophy was created keeping the elements of both Marxism and communism in mind. He believed that the peasants should be liberated and he spread his ideas through the country with the help of well-designed campaigns. He managed to gain control over all of China except Taiwan. However, Mao was quite ruthless when it came to dealing with the enemy.

4. Idi Amin

This Ugandan dictator controlled this small nation and was the self-proclaimed president of the nation. He replaced certain laws with military law and ran the country on martial law practices. Thousands were murdered during his regime and dozens of villages were wiped out quite frequently. Amin had some unique quirks and a short fuse.


5. Vladmir Lennin

Lenin started off as a lawyer and later started publishing pieces laced with Socialist literature. He was against the World War and did not like the fact that the working class had no choice but to fight. Elements of Marxism and communism can be seen in his policies and his body is at display at a certain mausoleum.


6. General Franco

Franco was around during Hitler’s reign and had a military background. He ruled over Spain and the country was divided into several parts. He tried to bring about order in the country and remove the widespread social discord.


7. Benito Mussolini

Mussolini was Italy’s prime minister in 1922. He occupied a great deal of land and his laws were strict and rigid. He was a prominent part of the World War during which he realized that his idea of socialism was not taking shape. He formulated his own philosophy which came to be known as Fascism. This great dictator was killed in 1945 and his bones were hung upside down in Milan.


8. Josef Stalin

Joseph Stalin lead the Soviet Union from 1922 till 1953 and managed to kill a large number of people along the way. He played extreme power games and liked to send people to labor camps. The man had an odd sense of humor and since he had forbidden anybody from entering his chamber, he died without anybody finding out for a while.


9. Pol Pot

Saloth Sar was known as Pol Plot and headed the Khmer Rouge. He ordered civilians to live in the countryside and if they refused, he would send them to labor camps or kill them off. His main aim was to change the elements of civilization.


10. Adolf Hitler

Hitler had a troubled childhood and was a rebel in many ways. This man grew up to shake the very foundation of the world and took it upon himself to remove all the Jews from the planet. He came very close to conquering the entire world but fortunately, killed himself before that could happen.

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