Top 10 Most Revolting Food Items

While these food items may seem revolting to you, keep in mind that they are delicacies in different parts of the world and that the people eat it all voluntarily.


1. Kopi Luwak

These coffee beans are created from the feces of a mammal known as Civet. These animals are fed ripe berries of the finest quality and their feces are only partially digested. It is used to create the costliest coffee available today and can be bought for 600 dollars per pound. The flavor is complex and the beans are not tampered with in order to sustain the original flavor.


2. Ox Penis

An Ox’s Penis is enjoyed by dogs in Western countries after it is dried out. However, the residents of a few Oriental nations seem to enjoy it too. It is either steamed of fried but many prefer to eat it raw. To get an idea of what it tastes like, you can overcook squid and eat that.


3. Bird Spit

Cave Swifts create their nests by spitting repeatedly and when the chemical comes in contact with the air, it hardens and becomes solid. It is also among the most expensive food items available today and is usually mixed with water and served in the form of a soup.


4. Caterpilla Fungus

Caterpilla Fungus enters the body of a particular kind of caterpillar and kills it almost instantly. The mushroom will grow out of the caterpillar’s forehead during early summer. It is usually used for medication purposes and is also considered to be an aphrodisiac. Certain groups of people believe that it has the ability to cure anything from cancer to fatigue.


5. Rats

This may shock you but Rats are quite common in a number of countries all over the world. They look slightly different from the rats we are familiar with. The meat is tough and they taste like chicken strips.


6. Monkeys Brains

Legend says that people used to eat the monkey’s brain while it was still alive. While this is most probably untrue, fact remains that it is not the healthiest thing to eat as the person who eats it is at risk of contracting serious diseases that will get transferred from the monkey’s blood to the human’s body.


7. Spiders

Those spiders that get consumers are similar in appearance to Tarantulas. They are raised in mud holes and are deep fried when their time is over. It has been said that it is crispy and tastes like a crab. However, it is recommended that you carry a good deal of napkins when you eat these because the spider will secrete some black juice that will stain your clothes.


8. Bee Larvae

This food item is popular in Japan and China and goes by the name of hachinoko. This delicacy was discovered when people were protein deprived as fish and meat was not easily available years ago. Bee Larvae today is cooked in sugar and soy sauce and has a texture similar to that of apple crumble.


9. Duck Fetus

Balut or Duck Fetus is a duck egg which is about to hatch and the embryo which is nestled inside is eaten after the shell is boiled. It is considered to be a healthy snack and is available on the streets in Vietnam and Cambodia.


10. Snake Blood and Bile

Experts first cut the snake’s head, then remove the blood after which they collect it in a glass. The bile is then added and the drink is served to those who need it.

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