Top 10 Action Movies That Will Have You In Splits

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6. The Exterminator

The movie begins with Gintry who along with his friend has been captured in Vietnam. The scenes are quite grotesque and will make you turn green but that’s not what’s funny about it.

7. Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection

Ramon Cota indulges in a number of illegal activities but Colonel Scott McCoy is not able to arrest him. Scott’s partner then attacks the man in court who goes into a rage and kills the Colonel’s child and wife. The movie could have been pretty good but some of the dialogues and scenes are extremely funny which is why the objective wasn’t achieved.

8. Invasion USA

The plot of this film revolves around a Russian terrorist who has great plans of invading America. The most interesting part is that a man named Chuck is the only one who finds it logical to stay prepared.

9. Death Wish 3

The violence in this movie is bloody and over the top. That being said, the acting is very poor and the characters walk about quite peculiarly- you would think their legs are made of lead or very hard paper. Most of the scenes in the movie are clichéd and not in a good way.

10. Commando

This hairstyles in this film are so funny that you will want to pause the film and stare at the characters for hours without blinking. The dialogues are ridiculous and the stunts are so far-fetched that you will be holding your head in wonderment the whole time.

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