Top 10 Rock Songs That Will Depress You Completely

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6. Sober by Tool

The lyrics talk about how “I’ will only end up ruining ‘your’ life because ‘I’ am a liar and will break ‘your’ trust eventually. The guitar shrieks through the song and Maynard Keenan initially whispers but is practically pleading for mercy by the end just like you will.


7. One Hundred Years by The Cure

The Cure is known to produce self-loathing songs but this one takes the cake. Its basic aim is to give you an anxiety attack if you happen to think about the future. The singer screams about how it is perfectly okay if we all die. If you listen to this song, make sure that sharp objects are not kept within close proximity.


8. I Know It’s Over by The Smiths

Morrissey sings about teenage angst mixed with teenage love all through this song. The song goes on for six minutes which is long enough for the listener to make a pact with himself to never get involved with somebody else because maybe he’ll get rejected.


9. Heroin by The Velvet Underground

This song is about a person’s downward spiral into drug addiction. Make sure you are near a sink if you listen to this song because you will throw up.


10. And All That Could Have Been by Nine Inch Nails

This song’s music is so enthralling that you will find yourself getting transported to hell and back. Composed by Trent Reznor, this song will lure you towards itself only to throw you back out. Just what we need, right?

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