Top 10 People Who Were Buried Alive

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Everybody is scared of getting buried alive and the following people had these nightmares transformed into reality when they were declared dead prematurely.


1. Virginia Macdonald

Virginia Macdonald died in 1851 after she had been ill for a long time. After she was buried, her mother was sure of the fact that Virginia was not dead. Unfortunately, when the coffin was taken out, it was found that the poor girl’s hands were bitten and the body showed other traces of having been buried alive.


2. Madame Blunden

Madame Blunden was declared dead in 1896 and was buried under a school. The coffin was opened up after complaints from children about noises and those who were around managed to watch her take her last breath.

3. Collins

In 1886, New York Times carried an article about a young girl named Collins who died suddenly and was then buried. When her body was being shifted, it was discovered that her knees were pulled till her chin, her arm was turned in an unnatural manner and her face was twisted in such a manner that it was obvious she had been through dreadful torture.


4. Unknown man

The Daily Telegraph carried an article in 1889 about a man who had been buried in Grenoble. Because he stayed intoxicated for 20 hours, it was assumed that he was dead. However, when the sexton was placing the thick coffin in the grave, he heard loud moans and frantic knocks. By the time he opened it up, the man had died and his head was badly mutilated.


5. Unknown man

The Sunday Times carried an article in 1838 about a man in Tonneins who was buried alive. When the coffin was being lowered into the Earth, the grave-digger heard loud noises and sure enough, the man had been declared dead prematurely.


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