Top 10 Bizarre Toilet Facts

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6. Superbowl Flushing

The Superbowl is an event that is watched in America religiously. People spend hours before the television and go through gallons and gallons of soft drinks and beer without realizing it. Therefore, it has been determined that the average American toilet is flushed the most during the superbowl when compared to any other time of the year.


7. Lack of Toilets

Countries like China and India do not have proper toilet facilities, especially for women because of which over 1.8 million people die every year. Sadly, children are affected more than adults.


8. The Toilet Handle

Most men and women don’t wash their hands after using the toilet. Therefore, it is no wonder that the toilet handle is covered with over 40,000 germs and viruses per square inch.


9. Siphon Flush System

The toilet was invented by somebody else but Thomas Capper improved the flush system that is used all over the world today. Thanks to him we do not have to throw buckets and buckets of water into the toilet with the hope of cleaning the bowl.

10. Dirty British Toilets

It is not difficult to make a toilet dirty- just stop cleaning it for a month and you will see results. The British are obviously aware of this fact because their public toilets are the dirtiest. A survey in 1992 established this fact and it was voted than Thailand was next in line.

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