Top 10 Horrifying Problems Faced By Children All Over The World

Children are vulnerable in every way and it is our job to keep them safe and protect them from harm. However, there are children all over the world who aren’t as lucky and end up in situations that can only be described as horrifying.


1. Indoctrination

Children in the Palestine are made to learn how to hate certain religions, glorify holy war, indulge in violence and understand the basics of child martyrdom from a very early age. The guidelines are included in the curriculum and many television shows revolve around these concepts as well.


2. Poverty

Over 30 percent of children residing in developing countries are underweight and suffer from malnutrition because of which their growth is stunted. Over 25,000 children die on a daily basis because they live under the poverty line, according to UNICEF. They may die of starvation or from such diseases that are easily curable but sadly their parents do not have the resources to help them.


3. Refugees

There are over fifty million refugees all over the world and shockingly, 25 million are children. Child refugees come into being because of war which is also the primary cause of loss of parents and child death. 2 million children have died over the last 10 years because of war and 1 million have gotten orphaned.


4. Illiteracy

Illiteracy is a major problem all over the world and over 100 million children suffer from the problem. While some are forced to drop out, others are not given a chance to go to school at all because of paucity of funds. This problem is widespread in countries like Turkey, India and Nepal.


5. Child Neglect

Children are neglected when the parents do not know how to do their job or if the child is unwanted or the result of an accident. These parents do not care about keeping their babies clean or giving them warm clothes during winter-time. They also don’t care whether their child goes to school or not or if he/she has a problem.


6. Child Labor

Children below the age of 14 are made to work in developing countries like India. Parents usually think of them as extra hands to help out and make a living which is why most families have 5 or 6 babies within a short period of time. Their salaries practically amount to nothing and their working conditions are wretched.


7. Child Prostitution

According to UNICEF, there are over 50,000 child prostitutes only in Philippines. The problem is especially rampant in India where 200,000 girls are sold to those who look over the ‘business’. Most of them are below 18 years of age and are treated dreadfully.


8. Child Pornography

Child Pornography on the internet is not only illegal but also extremely unscrupulous, unethical and immoral in every way possible. This does not stop pedophiles from kidnapping children under 10 and forcing them to act in obscene films.


9. Slavery

About 200,000 children in Africa alone are forced to work likes slaves. Most of them are taken from countries like Yemen, Pakistan and Bangladesh and are made to work as camel jockeys. Because they are in a foreign land and do not know how to go back home, they have no choice but to listen to the employers and do as they say.


10. Military Use

Children are recruited by armed opposition groups and other forces and are usually under 18 years of age. They are manipulated and are sometimes forced to shoot at their own families.

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  1. Ahmed

    Number 1 is not true and is just disgusting that you would lie about something like that. You have not been in their schools (if they have any after Israel bombed them all) nor have you watched their tv so no way can you know something like that.

  2. jack

    ahmed , you are obviously uninformed, i have seen these things, i have watched their tv , and they are not the only people to do it! wake up.

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