Top 10 Haunted Locations Worldwide

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6. The White House, Washington:

Abraham Lincoln’s spirit still wanders around the precincts of this very famous residence. There have been reports of unexplained knocks on doors, of footsteps in the hallowed corridors and other such sightings. Abigail Adams and Dolly Madison are also believed to be among the ghosts who still love this home.


7. South Shields, Tyne & Wear, Newcastle, UK:

Documented thoroughly, the ghosts in this home are definitely not the friendly ones. There has been documentation of blood coming out of taps, of slashes on the chest of the male resident of the house, and various other eerie phenomenons. A poltergeist case which has proven to be true, the details have been collated in a book in 2006.


8. The House of the Seven Gables, Salem Massachusetts:

Famous author Nathaniel Hawthorne and his son Julian are believed to be the ghosts of this home. His ancestors lived here and presided over the 1892 witchcraft trials. It is believed that a curse was placed on the family and they are doomed to traverse this world forever.


9. Ocean Avenue, Amityville:

Robert DeFeo shot dead six of his family members in this home in 1974. Since then the families which have moved into this home have been terrorized by slimy eyes, by oozing green liquids and various other unpleasant occurrences.


10. Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire, England:

The home of Lord Byron, this abbey has for centuries been the home of many ghosts. Lord Byron himself spoke about the Black Friar who always made an appearance before a misfortune or a death in the family. The White Lady has also been seen wandering around the rooms and so have been the Rose Lady and the Cavalier.

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