Top 10 Chocolate Brands For You Choco-Addicts

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Be it the melt in the mouth experience or the rich essence of cacao beans, chocolates have always been a unanimous favorite. Whatever be the age, a box of chocolate is pretty hard to resist. It comes in dazzling varieties and is one of the most savored delicacies. It’s like a food filled with emotions. For some, chocolates can be more than just a delight. Acting as a mood elevator, chocolates can lift the surrounding gloom and set in a happy feeling. Chocolates are also one of the best gifts possible. The origin of chocolates is not certain, but if the words are to be believed it dates back to the pre-Columbian periods when Americans drank chocolate with vanilla or chili peppers. After much integration, it is now counted under the most popular flavors. Innumerous brands keep popping up with different forms of chocolates. Thereby chocoholics face no setbacks in their task. Where the presentation of the chocolates plays a major role in its marketing, it’s the quality which actually steals the show. Cited below are the top 10 chocolate brands.


1. Ferrero Rocher


Ferrero Rocher is the world’s favorite, Italian made roasted) chocolate brand. Name me a single chocolate lover who has not heard of Ferrero Rocher or has not tried one piece of their chocolate. This Italian branded chocolate are sometimes also referred as Ferrero Spa. Made of roasted hazelnuts, walnuts and hazelnut cream milk chocolate, Ferrero Rocher is one of a kind. With the growing demand of this chocolate in the market, the company has started to make the succulent chocolates using different flavors. The most popular flavors on the market today are Pistachio, Coconut and Lemon, and coconut & dark chocolate.


2. Swiss Thins (LINDT)

The not so sweet chocolate has been a worthy pick for the last 160 years. The Switzerland based brand was built in 1845. The brand has contributed too many chocolate bars that are well known amongst all ages. Black chocolate is its forte. Sold in over 80 countries, the brand gives nothing short of quality.

Why on this list? Lindt Chocolates rank among the most popular chocolate brands of the world. This is a chocolate brand that is known for its rich taste. In the recent few years, Lindt brought another variation of chocolate in the market going by the name of Lindor. The core of it is soft and smooth with a hard coating of dark chocolate on the outer shell. Lindt is also known for producing great bunny chocolates and chocolate eggs during Easter every year. These chocolates are sold in almost every supermarket and convenience store in North America and Europe.


3. Guylian

It hit the market pretty late. However the milk chocolates produced by the brand cannot be ignored at all. Guylian chocolates are a bit more on the sweeter side and are appropriate for sweet lovers. It even abounds in variety and can be selected from a huge range of assortments.


4. Maxim’s

This is one of the high priced chocolates available in the market. Satisfying the chocoholics for a century now, the Maxinm’s are a symbol of elegance and class. The name itself has its reference in France mythology. The brand is infamous for the series of assortments that are highly exquisite. It ranges from milk chocolates to black chocolates and hazelnut milk chocolates.


5. Amedei

ameidi chocolate


Amedei of Tuscany, Italy, was founded by brother & sister Cecilia and Alessio Tessieri in 1990 and is a new chocolate brand on the market. With an admirable passion and determination coupled with the highest standards of craftsmanship and creativity, Amedei today is considered one of the finest, luxury chocolate makers in the world. In their quest for superior tasting chocolate, Amedei buys high quality cocoa beans direct from only the finest plantations and has even gained world exclusive rights to the revered Chuao plantation in Venezuela.

 Amedei Porcelana deserves a spot on this list as it is perhaps the world’s most expensive chocolate and can be bought at one exclusive price – $90/lb.-Porcelana, 70% cocoa, single variety bar This 70% dark, specialist chocolate bar from Amedei is created exclusively from the refined, nutty and caramel flavoured Porcelana bean, a genetically pure strain of the Criollo bean. This bean is extremely rare and Amedei produce only a limited amount each year for its choco-addicts to taste.


5. Ducd’O

Milk chocolates, black chocolates or white chocolates. Pick your choice. Ducd’O offers a range of compound chocolates for a variety of taste buds. One can easily pick up a white chocolate if he detests bitter taste. If one prefers bitter to sweet, black chocolate is the ideal one. However, milk chocolate will satisfy the quest for both bitter and sweet.


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