Top 10 Coffee Chains For A Delightful Brew

When it comes to stress busting, what can be more appealing than a hot brewing cup of coffee? When the sky grows dark and the rain pellets come down, what can make the atmosphere more complete than the rich aroma of a brew? Whatever be the state of affairs, coffee can energize your system and instantly refresh your mind. All round the world people look forward to a cup of a coffee to relieve themselves of daily exertion. It’s the pleasure of a classic fragrance and exquisite taste that makes it an ‘infamous’ concoction. The history of coffee goes back to the thirteenth century when the Ethiopian ancestors discovered the energizing effect of coffee beans. However, Arabia was the first to roast the coffee beans and brew it like what is available today in general. Lately innumerous researches were done on coffee beans to ascertain its effects. One of its positive effects is the way it enhances one’s mental abilities. It helps improve one’s alertness and increases concentration level. However researches also state that too much of coffee can lead to long term health hazards. Coffee is processed in a number of companies around the globe. However it’s the quality of coffee they sell that earns them recognition. Below are 10 of those companies that offer you the best brew in the world.


1. Starbucks Coffee

With more than 8000 outlets in U.S itself, the gigantism of this coffee chain can be well imagined. The first store got its breakthrough in 1971 in Washington. Since then, the coffeehouse company provides the best brewed coffee in the world. It is famous for its espresso based drinks, smoothies and coffee beans. It serves you your favorite just the way you want. It even offers baked goods and contained beverages.


2. Caribou Coffee

It is the second largest retailer after Starbucks. This coffee chain has around 80 worldwide franchise locations. It sells excellent beverages in its coffeehouses. Caribou is famous for its signature drink called “coolers”. A special blend of coffee with a wide pick of flavors. It also caters to espresso drinks and obviously, the “Wild Drink”.


3. Tim Horton’s

This Canada based coffee chain is widely known for its special doughnut. It claims some 3627 restaurants worldwide. The menu at the coffeehouse is short and simple. It offers only doughnut and coffee, but the quality is not to be doubted. It offers some other baked savories like Timbits and bagels.


4. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

“The ice blended drink” has been the specialty of this coffee chain for over 20 years now. The California based company opened in 1963 and spread its reign over 22 countries. It offers some limited edition of breweries from time to time to keep the crowd coming back time and again. The holiday blend coffee is one of its hits.


5. Coffee Beanery

The Coffee Beanery was found in 1976. The company went on to spread their franchise like wildfire and now has 131 outlets in the United States. It has also extended outwards and opened another 25 franchise stores in other countries. It serves the best coffee fandom.


6. Peet’s Coffee and Tea

This retail started off as the ‘Peet’s coffee, tea and spices’. It originated in California in 1966. It is a well known coffee roaster and has a huge following. Its specialty lies in its dark roasted coffee and other signature blends. Major Dickason is a hot favorite.


7. Tully’s Coffee

Rich and mild. If that’s your pick, Tully’s is your appropriate destination. This Washington based coffee chain specializes in coffees and espressos. It scores the highest in the sale of whole coffee bean. The baked pastries are also worth the while.


8. Dunn Bros. Coffee

The first Dunn Bros. store opened in 1987. Since then many franchise have popped up and are all locally operated. They offer three roast levels of coffee beans and the highest ranked Arabica beans is its specialty.


9. Port City Java

North Carolina hosts this premier coffee chain. The roasting and baking is overlooked by the coffeehouse as it excels in fresh and roasted coffee. Ghirardelli chocolates are also available.


10. Seattle’s Best

It is a coffee wholesaler from Washington. The brand has now become Starbuck’s subsidiary, but offers some classic blends of ice cream and coffee.


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  1. Kopi Luwak Coffee

    Coffee connoisseurs indulge in the superb aroma and flavor which lingers on the tongue with a smooth aftertaste. Kopi Luwak can only be found in the island of Sumatra and is recognized world wide as an astonishing discovery.

  2. Ambreen

    This top 10 list is offensive and abviously not worked at to establish at all…The obvious was stated. Having the most stores in the country does not make the best cup of coffee in the world. please check your sources. The best coffee in the world has yet to be discovered by main stream America…you left out incredible Coffee houses like Intelegecia, Stumptown, Terroir coffee…and you left out Cafe Grumpy in NY, Gimme coffee, Porto Rico etc etc…The list of specialty coffee roasters & Coffee houses with a shared passion for the bean as well as the Industry. except for a few on your list..I think you need to actually go out and try the coffee for yourself


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