Top 10 Things To Do When In Prison

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The word ‘Prison’ portrays a gloomy dismal picture, a picture without colors and smiles, a feeling of being lonely, a thought of worthlessness and the only sight of prison bars and fellow criminals. Being imprisoned itself is a great punishment that can actually undo any sort of criminal trait present in an individual. An individual commits a crime by his free will, or under pressure, sometimes mistakenly, but the lord of the law is blind folded and cannot see such tags that are attached to a crime being done, whether it is a brutal murder, a rape, a robbery or a case of cheating. People incarcerated as criminal in prison might exhibit different behavior; some might be calm while others might be violent. A prisoner is always seen with mistrustful eyes, whether it is the officer or a civilian.

Life in Prison is full of resentment that might be because of guilt or a sense of a task left uncompleted. It might sound strange to talk about top ten things to do when in prison; as if it were a holiday or a retreat one got opportunity for! Life in prison is certainly not a holiday, it’s a punishment for a wrong act committed, however loopholes in the entire system wherever it might be should not be disregarded. This brings us to a small yet strong point about how genuine is the reason a person is imprisoned for, or how less or more is the punishment declared to a person. It is this systems’ fault that makes a criminal in prison even worse.

Most prisons host a number of corrective measures to improve lives of prisoners and employ them productively to a job or task. The success of this employment and correction more so however is proportional to the psychology of the prisoner himself. Thus without getting into the depths about a prisoners life at the moment, we might just scrape the skin and make an effort to provide a set of jovial options that a prisoner or a future prisoner might resort to.


1. Reading books

A prisoner in the first place might find solace by reading books as they have a silent healing capacity. Books about successes of positive thinking and constructive behavior are a great tool to help the imprisoned get sound advice on effective life. By reading a book one forgets his own pains and gets into the lives of the book character or the story teller himself. Thus book reading is perhaps the best way to find shelter in the lonely world of prison


2. Make friends

A prison is also a small society where one comes across numerous fellow prisoners as well as officers and wardens. Another best thing to do would be to make friends. A friend in need is friend indeed is an old saying and it is when sorrow strikes, that friends are needed. Sharing life experience and talking about ones grief and guilt might have a great healing effect on the resentful mind of a prisoner.


3.  Maintain a clean and healthy regime in the prison

Prisons are next to hell, is what has been heard and read across in various books. Thus to maintain a clean and healthy regime in the prison can itself be a tiring task. And a tiring task in turn would undo the bitterness that sets in. maintaining a proper routine by cleaning utensils, washing one’s clothes, bathing cleaning prison rooms can not only lay a helping hand but also help in keeping oneself healthy and clean.


4. Become religious

Going religious is another way of holding God’s hand and ask him to guide through the path. A prisoner most of the times is full of gloom and resentment, a religious approach by trying to connect with the supreme being can make wonders. Though this might have some varied opinions and comments since religion is a very tender issue, it has either united or separated people all across the world. Nevertheless god is the ultimate savior and those who surrender themselves to God definitely get to see the sunny way.


5. Adopt a good behavior

A good behavior can win over an enemy also, so by adopting a positive well balanced behavior, a prisoner can lead a life peaceful life in the prison.


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