Top 10 Smart Phones of 2010

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Smart phones are raging into the market and their numbers are continually increasing. People prefer these smart phones because of their ability to multi task with ease. Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola and Apple are the major contenders in the smart phone range. So here are the top ten smart phones of 2010.


1. Apple iPhone 4g

The appple iphone has always been riding the competition with its powerful application base, specifications, design and its great features. The 4g iphone uses high quality glass that is scratch resistant and durable which is complimented by a high resolution screen.

The A4 chip from apple increases performance and increases battery efficiency. Impressive gaming, photos and a large app base is the iphone 4Gs greatest advantage.


2. Motorola Droid 2

The Motorola Droid 2 has been a significant improvement from the previous models in the Droid series. The Android powered phone includes a 1 GHZ processor and has a 8GB internal memory along with a 32GB expandable memory. The Droid 2 incorporates a slide keyboard and it consists of a faster 512MB RAM. However the minus point is the lack of front camera.

The great touch screen and the impressive sound quality along with media capabilities is one of Droid 2’s plus points. It is a great phone for those who would like a smart phone with a physical keyboard.


3. HTC Hd7

In my eyes, the HTC is the most beautiful phone incorporating the Windows Phone 7 Operating System. The Windows Phone OS is great to use in this phone because of its large 4.3 inch screen. The touch is impressively great with its fast processor and RAM. There is no lag whiles using and swooping through the applications.

The apps are increasing as the days pass by and its just a matter of time when it reaches the Android and Apple range. With the impressive huge screen, user friendly interface and responsive touch screen, the HD7 is a great phone which takes it to the top of the competition.


4. Blackberry Bold 9780

Blackberry has been making a lot of user friendly phones and the Blackberry Bold 9780 is  undoubtedly the most impressive non touch screen phone. The 9780 runs on the new Blackberry 6 OS and with a 512 MB RAM. The built quality is impressive and so is the Qwerty keyboard. The fluid feel of navigation is also impressive.

The Blackberry Bold 9780 is a great phone and is recommended for those people who would prefer a non touch phone.


5. Blackberry Torch 9800

Even though the Blackberry bold 9780 was a great phone, it was necessary to blend in with the competition. Blackberry introduced this touch phone to compete directly with the iphone and other devices running on Android and Windows OS. The screen is a little bit disappointing and so is the video shooting only in VGA.

The phone is for those who would like a touch phone which has a better Internet and media experience than the Blackberry Bold 9780 phone.


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