Top 10 Ways To Earn Extra Dollar

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Even after the recession, most economies are still struggling to get out of the gutters. Most corporate organizations as well as small and medium sized business enterprises are still downsizing as a means of keeping their doors open come the next financial year. As a result, employees are not being paid the hefty packs they used to enjoy, i.e. bonuses and contributions. Unfortunately, the only thing that has remained constant amidst all of these turbulences is bills. Whereas, a majority of workers are experiencing a decline in their monthly earnings, the bills are continuously on the rise due to inflation.

If your day job is not cutting it for you as it used to or you have just been laid off, then it is high time you considered alternative ways of earning that much needed extra dollar. The supplement income that you earn from these extra jobs will help cushion you against the harsh economic times that a majority of folks are going through right now. Discussed herein are top ten ways to earn an extra dollar.


1. Become a freelancer

Thanks to technological development in internet technology, you can be able to work from home as a freelance. For instance, there are people who work as writers and editors for the numerous blogs found on the internet and are able to make good money for it. Given the tight budget that a number of businesses are operating on, it is possible to get a contract as a freelance agent. Moreover, there are particular sites, i.e. that provides a platform for employers who would like to contract qualified personnel from any part of the globe at an affordable rate than they would have got locally. From these sites you will be able to find part-time or in some cases full-time work.


2. Sell your library

Having gone through high school, college and university, I’m pretty sure that you have a library of books that perhaps you are keeping for sentimental value or are hoping to pass them to your children. There are certain book store retailers, i.e. Barnes & Noble that can buy your textbooks at an attractive price. In addition, if you have a collection of classic novels, you can get good money for them by selling them at selected second-hand bookshops.


3. Sell rare coins

There are certain personalities, e.g. Susan Headley, who have etched a living for the last 6 years by finding and selling circulating coinage. She is reported to have earned up to $2,500.00 in 2008 by selling the coins that she located. This may sound as a myth but it is true. Other than her, there are other hordes of people who are earning a living the same way as she is. For instance, you can make up to a maximum of $35,000.00 y finding and selling rare error coins. Others that can be worth up to $5,000.00 are presidential error coins. To know more about selling circulating coins, log onto


4. Start a business

The reason why you are employed is because your boss wants to exploit your expertise to his/ her advantage. What is if you could do the same by making use of the skills and expertise that you have to earn extra cash on the sides? There are websites that can provide you with a platform from which you can endorse your product and services with an aim of providing skills to others who are in need for them, e.g.


5. Participate in sweepstakes

In a bid to gain more customer base, a majority of businesses are running sweepstakes competition where they are offering cash and other prizes such as plasma TV, cars, microwaves and laptops amongst other things. Whereas, winning these prizes are purely lack, there are those persons who have constantly participated in them and won not only cash but also gift items that would have otherwise been a tall order on their monthly wages. You can get valuable pointers from such persons on how to go about the process.


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