Top 10 Ways To Earn Extra Dollar

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6. Get paid for your view

There are a number of focus groups that are located around the United States and some parts of Europe that pay good money, i.e. $100.00 per hour just for giving your time to them. Moreover, there are established online surveys that pay up to $150.00. More information on these free paid surveys can be obtained by logging online.


7. Sell your clutter

From the time you moved into your house, I’m sure that you have replaced most of the items that you started off with. Instead of building storage shed for things you do not need, why not sell them for a pricey amount. Furthermore, there are valuable items that are sold as junk on ebay or 99-cent stores that you can buy low and sell high. You can locate items that you know are of value and then sell them off to other buyers for a big profit margin.


8. Become an affiliate marketer

As an affiliate marketer, you can sell products that are not your own and make money for it. Affiliate marketing unlike other types of businesses does not require big capital base as it is done online. There are people who are earning good money in affiliate marketing by just dedicating two or three hours to it on a daily basis. For more information on affiliate marketing, log online and search on becoming an affiliate marketer.


9. Secret shopping

There are companies that pay to become a secret shopper. The idea is to move from one store to another analyzing a company’s management from the point of a customer.


10. Be a model

Unknown to a majority of people is that advertisement that they see in magazines and televisions are not purely for professional models. You can send your photos and register with some of the advertising agency. If your image is likable, you may get a chance at shooting for a commercial.


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