Top 10 Bar Drinks

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6. The Daiquiri

Chilled daiquiri is undoubtedly among the ten most popular bar drinks. Daiquiri recipes comes with a wide range or variations as you can prepare it by mixing rum and any fruit you prefer. Pour some ice in the mix and blend it to get the chilled and smooth daiquiri.


7. Tonic With Gin Or Vodka

If you are looking for some common and traditional drink available in every bar, you can opt for tonic with gin or vodka. This is the perfect drink for any season, and any time. To get the flavor, mix tonic with gin or vodka. If you want, you can also garnish the drink with some lime.


8. Sea breeze

Sea breeze is often considered to be the perfect summer cocktail in Hawaii, United States.  Vodka, grapefruit juice, cranberry and ice are all what you need to blend for making this cocktail. This drink is often confused with bay breeze, which is only a fruit juice with cranberry and pineapple.


9. The Long Island Ice Tea

If you are planning to get a little intoxicated in your night out with friends, opt for the Long Island Ice Tea. It is a mix of rum triple, rum, vodka, tequila, sweet and sour mix and cola. When served with ice, it will make you feel high.


10. The Manhattan

Sweet and bitter vermouth when added with quality scotch, the Manhattan is a popular drink among the frequent bar goers. This cocktail has received immense popularity among people and can be served chilled or on rocks. As it is a popular drink, it is available in almost all bars.

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