Top Ten Vintage Museums of the World

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The word ‘vintage’ itself sounds classic and gives a feel that is old yet cherished, outdated yet revivable and classic yet most upbeat. The recent years have seen a remarkable revival of the past cultures, fashions and designs. Vintage stuff is gradually over the decades, becoming mainstream, with a good omen around that our old lost ‘throwaway’ culture is finding a new place in living rooms and closets. There are numerous – revival of vintage collection festivals held across the globe, where the young generation meets the oldies with a renewed respect for all forms of vintage cars, bikes, art forms, designs and many more items. Amidst the modern outpouring designs and architectures, vintage art forms and designs still occupy the respectful place in most peoples’ lifestyles. People, who are fond of vintage stuff, do not live by a vintage car or a piece of furniture, they make it their lifestyles; thus acknowledging that there certainly was some taste in the designs of the past. To support this class of people, we take an opportunity to list the top ten vintage museums showcasing a wide array of all that is old and revisiting them with a kindling spirit.


1. Vintage Automobiles Museums

Vintage Automobiles Museums are hot favorites for all the vintage freaks, with the most popular and extravagant being in Las Vegas Nevada displaying over 250 world class automobiles. The museum features the best possible classic ever produced with the historic Mercedes Benz; Jaguar or an assortment of Vintage Rolls Royce or the Bentley. Seeking the finest automotives for display this museum is worth a visit. Among others vintage automobile museums, southward museum of wellington and the one in Somerset are worth a mention, displaying truly spectacular automobiles of the world ever produced.


2. Vintage Motorbike Museums

Vintage Motorbike Museums is yet another chart topper with the Solvang Motorcycle Museum located in Solvang, California being the timeless classic. This museum showcases a broad collection of racing motorcycles namely the AJS, BMW, Ducati, MV, Norton, and Vincent. This museum has something for everyone the range starts from as old as a 1910 FN to the latest collection.


3. Vintage Art Museums

Vintage Art Museums of France namely Musee Du Louvre located on banks of the Parisian Seine, displaying a wealth of art and art forms that is completely astounding. This museum is well known for its paintings and collection of drawings. Another one in Italy is the Vatican Museum in Rome. Among other deserving names are Metropolitan Art Museum of New York and the Paul Getty Center in California.


4. Vintage Flying Museums

Vintage Flying Museums has just one name to reckon with and that is located in Texas. This museum has taken the initiative to preserve America’s flying heritage by all means. There are several aircrafts on display which are truly rare and historic. There are various aircrafts that can fly and some that cannot fly, with Cowtown Warbird Round-Up and B-17 “Chuckie” being the most popular ones.


5. Vintage Weapons Museums

Vintage Weapons Museums in Athens Greece, is a museum worth a visit as it displays a scintillating collection of war items like weapons, paintings and other interesting things. It has the world’s largest collection of weapons that belong to the 19th and early 20th century. There are a large number of weapons used in the Greek war of independence like the muskets, flintlock etc.


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