Top Ten Vintage Museums of the World

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6. Vintage Porcelain Museum

Vintage Porcelain Museum at San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum is another name to be included in the list. The museum exhibits some of the finest multicolored porcelain and pottery that speak thousand words about artistic caliber of the men in past. Some of the jars date back to the Ming Dynasty of China and few others from the Tang Dynasty of year 618 – 906.


7. The Vintage Museum of Musical Instruments

The Vintage Museum of Musical Instruments has Pamela’s Musical museum located near Turn bridge Wells, Kent UK. This museum features vintage acoustic musical instruments like violins, guitars, accordions and trumpets. The collection is huge and is available for sale too. Another museum located in California is not open to public but houses some of the exquisite plucked stringed instruments that can be seen only by references and appointments.


8. The Vintage Postal Museum

The Vintage Postal museum in Washington D C is a museum that explores the American postal history from colonial times till present day. The museum exhibits a wide number of postal stamps that speak about the postal system and post offices of the past and is definitely worth a visit.


9. The Vintage Wine Museum

The Vintage Wine Museum in California is yet another museum with a mesmerizing collection vintage wine and viticulture artifacts, which is most exhaustive in the entire world. The museum encompasses a wide array of wine collected from distant places abroad as well as from local places which are so rare and exclusive. The most popular exhibits are wine cellar tools, corkscrews, wine bottles and many other amazing collections. This museum however is not open to public.


10. The King Vintage Museum

The King Vintage Museum of fashion at California is the last name in our list not because of it has little significance in the world of vintage clothing but because this space seems too small to discuss vintage fashion and its revival in the mainstream fashion. It wishes to make people aware of the history of fashion and the importance of its conservation and preservation. Founded by Allan King and his wife Barbara the museum is a testimony to their 20 long years of travel and collection. Featuring the ballroom slippers of 1790, Victorian dresses of the 1800s, exquisite hat collection of the Victorian era is to name a few collections this museum houses.

Thus a trip to these Vintage museums has given us an enchanting experience. A walk through the past has been enriching experience and one to be proud of, bearing the fact in mind that the cultures of the past have golden existence in the present day world of cars, bikes or fashion.


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