Top 10 Weirdest Weddings

Every couple desires a perfect unique wedding. Some go to such great extends to make their wedding unique that they stray towards being weird and actually get mentioned in the Top 10 Weirdest Weddings!


1. Batman and Wonder Woman

It is difficult to find an 11-year-old who does not worship his comic strip hero. But Sharon Wetherell and Neil Vaughan of Devon, England, decided to marry all dressed as their favorite comic strip character. As children both of them wanted to become their comic strip heroes. It was no surprise when Sharon Wetherell, 40, chose to be dressed as Wonder Woman, while Neil Vaughan, 46, chose Batman.

The couple requested their friends and family to get dressed as their favorite superhero for this occasion. The 3 bridesmaid were dressed as the PowerPuff girls, while the best man was undoubtedly, Robin; while the master of the ceremonies was the villain, Joker!


2. Star Wars Wedding

Ever since the Star Wars movies, more and more couples wish to have a Star Wars themed wedding. Bramwell Brightey and Tamsyn Lofts of the UK were one couple among them.  Bramwell Brightey, 33, a window cleaner and his girl friend Tamsyn Lofts, 29, put in a year’s effort to pull of this wedding. Costumes were flown in from America and third wedding invites read “May the 4th be with you.”

Bramwell was dressed up as Han Solo while Tamsyn wore a Princess Leia outfit. Their guests were dressed as Rebel Alliance and the cake resembled Jedi Master Toda.


3. Shrek

Nobody can hate the adorable Shrek. Tracey and Vivian of England were often dubbed as Shrek and Fiona. This inspired this couple from South Wales to have a Shrek themed wedding. Tracey a 33 year old a supervisor and Vivian, 53 is a self employed builder, requested their guests to help them out and dress in costumes from this animated film. The best man was dressed as Monsieur Hood, while the bride’s father obliged by dressing as Lord Farquaad and her mother was the Fairy Godmother, while the bridesmaid chose Snow White.


4. Cupid’s Arrow

Marvin Hunter and Kim Silver take their hobby of bow hunting very seriously. This bow hunter couple are so passionate about their hobby that they wanted to add this theme to their wedding. Marvin Hunter, 61, and Kim Silver, 42, from Martelle struck upon an ingenious idea and decided to get married at the tree stand of Anamosa Bow hunters Archery Club.

They commemorate this joyous event dressed in camouflage attire, the bride chose a Mossy Oak dress and the groom chose camouflage pants and shirt. The wedding was marked by the bride and groom firing arrows into three dimensional targets at regular intervals.


5. Sole Mates

Lisa Satayut of Michigan always felt happy and at ease when she was shopping for shoes at the local T.J.Maxx store. When her beau Drew Ellis proposed and it was time for the wedding bells, she knew exactly where she wanted to be married.  She chose the shoe size 8 aisle of the local T.J.Maxx store in Mt. Pleasant.

The aisle was dressed traditionally with vine covered arch, red carpet, white chairs with red bows. Lisa Satayut walked down the 8 shoe size aisle to string music. The event was attended by several guests and numerous curious shoppers!


6. Star Trek

It would be unjust to just mention a Star Wars wedding and skip a Star Trek wedding. Crystal and Steve were ardent Star Trek fans and decided to commemorate their big-day Star Trek style. The wedding ceremony was held on the e bridge of the starship Enterprise in Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton.


7. Age of Warcraft

Avid gamers Avalee and Erandel met on the massively popular MMORPG World of Warcraft site in 2006. Avalee who is from Israel and Erandel who is from UK did not let the distances bother them and fell in love. After a lengthy long distance relationship they decided to tie the knot in 2009. This gamer couple had no doubt in their mind about the theme for their wedding. They got married in a Warcraft themed wedding and the bride adorned a Warcraft themed dress.


8. Underwater wedding

Clint Bentley and Tamara Little enjoyed scuba diving in the Mun Island and loved the beauty and tranquility of the region. The couple decided that there was no better place to celebrate their wedding than this island. The couple wore traditional costumes over their diving suits. Their friends and family joined them underwater, where the exchanging of rings took place.


9. Ghoul Wedding

Both Lisa Morgan and Brad Nicola love Halloween. They met at the Busch Gardens’ annual Howl-O-Scream spook fest. When it was time for their wedding they wanted something fun and choose a Ghoul theme. The groom was dressed in Beetlejuice, black and white striped suit, disheveled white wig; while the bride adorned blood red dress along with black platform combat boots. The guest were dressed as zombies.


10. Avatar Wedding

The stunning mountain ranges in the Wu Lingyuan region, Southern China inspired the floating peaks in the movie Avatar. Post the success of Avatar, event organizers and local tourism bosses cashed in on the beauty of this region by offering unique Avatar styled weddings. Bride Xiao Tsao was one of the five couples that were married in the picturesque mountains. The wedding was attended by a couple of Na’vi, who were actually forest workers wearing masks and long underwear that were dyed blue and minus the long neck and limbs and of course, the special effect!

Statisticians expect that there will be more weddings in 2011 to try and catch up with the much awaited royal wedding of Prince William. We just have to wait and watch how people excel in creating new unique, weird weddings to rise to the occasion!

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